Thursday, July 5, 2007

Desert Hunk #2: JC ...VANITY.. THY NAME IS MAN(uel)?

The new concept of good grooming is taking itself on a higher level. Modern men realize, simultaneous with fitness consciousness, the need to look good on their appearances.

When Junifer Christ M. Manuel (Jei-C for short), a native of Lubao Pampanga, was asked the final Q&A Portion during the Ginoong Pilipinas Riyadh pageant “Do you think male vanity affects your masculinity?” Jei-C looks confident in saying that “ Being vain is being too cautious with health and proper grooming in order to have a good lifestyle and confidence. It doesn’t mean that male vanity is a sign homosexuality. What good things and proper care you do to your body will bring you healthy mind and long life.”.

He won the title and received gift and cash prizes amounting to more than US$2,000.

His winning answer is what he believes, because Jei-C has always been so cognizant with his looks, grooming and positive attitude.

You won’t see him bland. He shows his openness to embrace good grooming.

Jei-C is an IT Administrator in a medical clinic in Riyadh and a member of an all-male dance group called Beat Static.

Trivia: Jei-C is an Adidas fanatic. Never you will see him wears brands other than Adidas.. From original accessories, perfumes and clothes, he got it all.

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