Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Terrible Day

July 17, 2007 is a disastrous day for me! I won’t forget this day!

It is unusual for me to experience successive adversities in a day. From daylight to sundown, i was so unlucky..

1st Bad Luck

I woke up 6:00 am since I expected that our salary will be due today.

I dialed several times on my phone banking service to check my ATM balance.

“Sorry, your transaction cannot be completed…”

Patience.. patience….

After several dials I did, still no response.

So I tried calling through my mobile.. It works…

I inquired my balance and I felt relieve coz' the salary was already credited.

So I hurriedly prepare myself to go to the nearest ATM machine ( one kilometer distance from my villa) I just walked since it’s still too early to report for work although the high temperature started to upsurge.

Great… no one is queuing outside the machine. I got my card and inserted to the machine to withdraw the full amount.

“We cannot process your transaction… Sorry for the Inconvenience”..

Damn! I tried again, but still, no money was dispensed. So I called the phone banking service to inquire my balance..To my surprise, the whole amount i am about to withdraw was debited already!..

@##@!.. I can’t withdraw anymore… besides the bank will be opened at 9:30..

I was pissed off….. I went to the office….

I waited until 9:30 to go back to the bank hoping that they will credit back the amount. This time I took a cab, spending SR20.00 (P260). But the bank told me to wait for their action in 48 hours!..

2nd Bad Luck

At the office, I go back to work….I was asked to make more than 5000 colored copies of Houston Manual since yesterday. No one can do the job because I have the password for the RICOH Aficio 3224 inside my room.

Since the day started with my ATM trouble, I can’t work attentively.

I was about to start copying the manuals, when the machine stopped and message on the screen appeared “Toner tube needs to be replaced. Call the maintenance”.

Fucking shit! I need to finish the manuals!

So I tried fixing the machine.. remove the cover … pull out the over-flowing toner tube inside. I tried removing the powder, but it suddenly burst out to my clothes. The powder is all over my newly bought M&S pants and white sleeves. Damn!!

Again, another catastrophe.

3rd Bad Luck

Lunch time… I was half my cooking when the gas run-out.. So I ended up having canned sardines as my lunch…

4th Bad Luck

LAte afternoon...I decided to avail of the pre-paid card 50% promotion (Actually it’s 2 sim cards with full load for a price of 1), but they refused to issue me since my working permit is still under renewal…

5th Bad Luck

….. I got the laboratory result from our clinic and my uric acid is high…meaning no more alcoholic drinks… no red meat…. No soft drinks!

Grrrrr….Hope this day never exist!

Anyway, God will not abandon me as I thank Him before going to bed tonight.

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