Sunday, July 1, 2007

Men of Desire

These are the men of my dreams...

John Lloyd Cruz, Jc de Vera, Marky Cielo, Kian Kazemi, JR Siaboc and Luis Manzano


The boy-next-door bloomed into a star. And along with that came the changes in his nature. Nobody can question his undeniable talent. He had given poignant performances lately in all his movies and teleseryes from Star Cinema. I won’t forget his bubbly performance as Elly especially the confrontation scene where (Bea) found out his secret and decided to leave. It was the toughest performance of Lloydie that I truly admired.

Since his Tabing Ilog days, I always dreamt that someday we could spent time together in a secluded and quite place where we can both run naked.


JC may have taken time to blossom from being a dependable actor to the exalted status of being recognized as a good-rated actor. Having a good and right role to portray, he will definitely recognized as the next Albert Martinez. His having a lean and muscular body add to my desire. I got more interested to know him well since one time, I read a blind item about his sexuality.


I don’t know, but there something that I like for this guy. He is much different from those mestizo-guys whom I adore. His smile and his being naive add more to my delight.


Who wouldn’t go wild for this housemate of Kuya? With his flawless skin, good physique and sweetness, I think he has the quality that I will love him most, except for his voice. Knowing the fact that he is half-Persian, hmmm.. there seems to be a big thing clutched in his pants. I envied Nel at the house….


The Dream Academy 2nd placer, Jay- Siaboc, has been added to my list. His sexiness on stage and a typical “promdi” looks, reminds me of my experiences in my hometown.


He truly gives inspiring performances in most of his films. How I wish I could say what Ate Vi’s said two decades ago “I-love-you-lucky”… I love his well-proportioned and masculine body. I kept a copy of his daring pictorial I got from a magazine.

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