Sunday, July 22, 2007

Middle East in catch up as Internet usage rises

The Middle East and Africa was the fastest growing region for Internet users according to new research, but it still lags a long way behind other regions in raw numbers and penetration.

In research published by comScore World Metrix the Middle East and African internet population grew from 29.3 million in May last year, to just over 35 million in the same period this year, a 20% increase overall.

However while the MEA region remains the fastest growing, in total it hosts just 4.5% of the world's internet population of 772 million. comScore defines its Internet audience as anyone aged 15 or above, who has been online in the last 30 days.

Asia hosts the world's largest online population with 37% of the global total. It also remains one of the fastest growing with a 15% year on year increase. Second placed Europe is home of 28% of the globe's internet users, but recorded just 5% growth.

The United States lies in third place with 22% of the world's internet population. It represents the most mature market, growing at just three percent last year.

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