Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hongkong... A Masterpiece of Comfort

My entry to "100 Reasons We Love Hongkong" Contest

Date: 2007-06-18 16:08:30
Entry ID: 5741


A place where technology and culture meet to shape the future...

where people never get tired...

where lights never fade...

where money spent is worth at all times...

where elegance imparts a sense of luxury...

where the trumpets of the streets are joined by choruses of waters from the ocean....

where total relaxation is dealt with complete rejuvenation!

As Hong Kong’s home carrier, Cathay Pacific is committed to promoting the city globally and to flying in more tourists to experience its infinite delights. As a top tourist destination, the city continues to offer an increasing wide range of attractions that appeal to people of all ages, cultures and nations. Cathay Pacific believes there are many reasons why Hong Kong’s citizens should be proud of and love their home city, and why overseas visitors would cherish it as a top tourist destination.

Jumbo Dragon Boat Restaurant in Hongkong

In the spirit of world community, Cathay Pacific has designed an online competition, "100 Reasons We Love Hong Kong". It calls upon the worldwide public to submit creative works of text and images that best demonstrate their love for Hong Kong and shall motivate potential travelers to visit the city.
Cathay Pacific will give away 1,000 air tickets to participants in this campaign. 600 will go to short-listed entries and 400 will be given as lucky draw prizes for voters to determine the final 100 reasons.

Hongkong at Night

The tickets will be awarded through a total of 800 prizes worldwide. Winners from Hong Kong will have more than 40 destinations to choose from. Winners from outside Hong Kong can fly in to experience the innumerable attractions of Asia’s world city.
"100 Reasons We Love Hong Kong" will be the single largest giveaway of air tickets in any Hong Kong competition.

Ferry comes..ferry goes..

About "We Love Hong Kong"

The "We Love Hong Kong" campaign was first initiated by Cathay Pacific in 2003 as an initiative aimed at lifting Hong Kong out of the economic slump caused by the outbreak of SARS.
The campaign was a community-wide effort to encourage the people of Hong Kong to return to their normal city lives by going out to spend money, thereby giving the local economy a much-needed boost.
The “We Love Hong Kong” campaign was run under the umbrella of the Tourism Coalition of Hong Kong, which comprises members of the tourism industry including the Board of Airline Representatives, the Federation of Hong Kong Hotel Owners, the Hong Kong Hotels Association and the Travel Industry Council.

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