Monday, July 2, 2007

1st Monthsary as a Blogger!

It’s my 1st monthsary as a blogger. For me, this thing has just fallen into place, unplanned.

Before, my monthly telephone bill reached almost 20% of my salary. Boy! That was too much for me, so I decisively limit my internet to at least 8 hours a week for chatting/emailing/browsing. Besides I have access to internet at the office, so I did all checking of emails there.

But when I discovered ways to unlimited internet with lesser charges (sorry guys I couldn’t reveal what I discovered!), I was so glad that I could now maintain my own blog and do lots of internet browsing with no financial worries …

I think it pours a lot of positive energy for me to share more of myself.

Almost everyday, I provide my blog with revelations, photos, articles and personal stuff inspired by award winner bloggers - hush and listen and miong (they are my idols in blogging.. Thank you guys, hope to meet you someday!!)

Although I am not an expert in HTML, coding, CSS, Media encoding ( I don’t even know their meaning!), it is thru lots of experiments (and initiative!) that I was able to satisfy everyone, including myself, with a great blog. Mind you guys… I did everything without asking help from others.


khalel said...

tHANK YOu it really feels good that you like my blog to the point of "idolizing" me. And Damn! these slides of pics are really so damn hot!!!!

Miong21 said...

Wow! Congrats on your 1st monthsary! Great new pics! Haha! Keep up the good work bro! :Þ