Friday, February 29, 2008

Smoking alert: Horrific pictures on packs

Gory pictures that highlight the hazards of smoking will be plastered on every cigarette pack sold in the GCC states.

The pictures will have images of diseased gums and blackened lungs next to a set of healthy lungs. "Both sides of the packet will have a horrific picture that shows the effects of smoking. By the end of 2009, no cigarette pack will be pleasing to look at. The pictures will compel smokers to think of the health complications of smoking.

Every country in the GCC will design its own set of pictures.

Manufacturers will be compelled to follow the instructions of the GCC specification on tobacco control. The amount of harmful chemicals will have to be mentioned

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


My mind screamed out "Make love to me"
My body screamed out "Make love to me"
He did more than that

Without a word
Without a thought
He touched, licked, kissed, nibbled, and sucked on places that my body
thought had lost feeling

Passion, Desire, Lust
He knew just what I wanted
>From the top of my head to the tip of my toes

I shivered
Cried out
Then fainted

The rush of sensation passed through my body
It made all the tiny hairs stand up on end
Just a touch and all of my feeling came back to me
>From just his touch

I fell asleep that night - peaceful
Only to awake the next morning and realize that he was already gone
Just a dream
I don't know; but when he comes back we shall start all over again
and again
and again

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Embassy Advisory on Helping Fellow OFW

Philippine Embassy warns Filipino community organization helping runaway OFWs.

A recent case involving a Filipino community leader in Al-Khobar, Mr. Alberto B. Guanzon, President of Kasangga ng OFW, prompted the Philippine Embassy to remind everyone to be always mindful of the Kingdom’s rules, regulations, laws, customs and traditions of the local society in order to avoid problems with the authorities or tom the extent of even losing their jobs.

Mr. Guanzon was arrested last February 13, 2008 with a Filipina runaway worker on board a borrowed car. According to Mr. Guanzon, he only helped our Filipina kababayan who was scheduled for turn-over to the Police authority when he was apprehended.

We cannot resist the call for help of our own kababayans. However, as guest workers in the Kingdom, we are not only expected but are obliged to follow and respect the local laws and regulations being enforced by the Saudi authorities which includes the responsibility of not giving refuge to a worker who absconded from his employer. This is a serious offense which carries a penalty of imprisonment, lashes and excessive fines if found guilty.

In case we will be sought by runaways or we know a kababayan in distressed, the Embassy is giving the following hotline numbers to be contacted:

Embassy (Riyadh) – 0501050141
Consulate (Jeddah) – 0505691801
POLO Riyadh – 0508475882/0508475854
POLO Jeddah – 0565309816/0505397628
POLO Eastern Region – 0501269742
POLO Central Region - 0507537997

Monday, February 25, 2008

Just Play and Enjoy.

I might not be playing really well during our practice, but my focus on the game going into an important match of tournament might be really high. This was observed by my buddy (and my coach) in badminton when I first try to play outside our club.

Actually, my palms get sweaty and the mere prospect of going on court starts me wishing I was someone else!

The 'butterflies in the stomach' that we all (even the very best players) get from time to time almost ruin our games. But THEN I ignore them and try to relax and stop feeling nervous. Beside, I always think that the game is only for fun and nobody is watching us.

Badminton is a sport that requires a great deal of stamina and physical fitness to endure and become a great player. For this reason alone badminton exercises are a great way to keep yourself in top physical condition to achieve the best play you possibly can.

I am enjoying playing badminton twice a week here in Riyadh. At first i was not comfortable playing with others coz i had questions in my mind like are they nice or just pretending. That’s what i thought when first meeting and play with them last June 2007. I admit, i was like judging them and i was wrong.

As time go by, i've known them and realized that they are really nice people. They are not the pretentious kind. I am so glad that i have friends coz of sports. Its not only that I always enjoy the game but also its nice to meet new people. At the same time i am doing a good physical exercise.

The recent Kalayaan Cup 2008 was a good yardstick to determine if I have to continue to learn more techniques in badminton. Competing in my category with 65 entries, is tough..really tough. The best of the best will surely win…

Although I only reached the quarterfinals, it had inspired me to focus more and enjoy the sport.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jailed blogger in solitary confinement, family says

Jailed Saudi blogger Fouad Al Farhan is being kept in solitary confinement and subjected to daily questioning, according to his family.

Al Farhan's mother said Saudi authorities allowed her son to briefly telephone his family from Jeddah’s Dahban Prison on February 12, his first contact since his father-in-law was allowed a short visit on January 5.

Despite his on-going imprisonment, Al Farhan told his mother he was "all right, and that he was not being harassed".
His family’s requests for further visits have been denied, and it is unclear whether he has received access to legal assistance.

Al Farhan, a popular Saudi blogger, was arrested in Jeddah on December 10, but has not been informed of the charges against him. His detention is believed to be the first arrest of an online critic in the kingdom.

The authorities are believed to be holding Al Farhan for his online criticism of government policies, including detentions without charge and trial of prisoners of conscience.

These criticisms include the government’s ongoing detention of nine men arrested in February last year after calling for government reform.

Mansour Al Turki, spokesman for the Interior Ministry, said earlier this month that there was no update on the Al-Farhan case other than his previous statement that he was being held for interrogation for violating non-security regulations.

Al-Farhan’s blog - Searching for freedom, dignity, justice, equality, shoura and all the rest of lost Islamic values - has posted a letter, allegedly from Al-Farhan, which states he believes he was arrested because he “wrote about political prisoners in Saudi Arabia”.

His arrest and imprisonment has sparked the launch of several campaigns and appeals for his release by international and Saudi NGOs, including the Arabic Network for Human Rights, Reporters without Borders and the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

UAE censor targets Facebook, Myspace

Sections of popular social networking websites Facebook and Myspace will be banned in the UAE under new rules from the nation’s telecom regulator.

The new regulations regarding access to the internet currently being considered by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) will also apply to Dubai’s Media Free Zone, which presently has unrestricted internet access.

The Internet Penetration Policy is expected to be announced by the end of the year, clarifying the internet content that will be blocked in the Emirates.
TRA spokesperson said the regulator wanted to encourage cultural interaction in today’s globalised world, and did not intend to deny access to websites that are social portals.

However, sections of social networking websites including Facebook and Myspace, which encouraged dating would be banned under the new policy.

Access to the areas of the websites which excluded those aspects would be allowed.

The spokesperson said the rules will open up many sites that are currently forbidden without risking the UAE’s cultural values.

The policy will be implemented throughout the country.

Last July, the TRA said it had no plans to ban Facebook, but also said websites that offended morals, ethics and values would be targeted.

Facebook is the second most popular website in the Emirates and has more than 64 million active users worldwide.

The UAE's restrictions follow Iran's Facebook ban in September, which Syria followed in November reportedly over fears of Israeli infiltration of Syrian social networks on the website.

Burma and Bhutan are also believed to have banned the site.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Saudi plans first official film festival

Films were once shown in private clubs in Saudi Arabia until all public screenings were banned in the early 1980s because they were considered against Islamic law.
But now, ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia will hold its first official film festival in May 20 organised by a literary club based in the eastern city of Dammam and the Saudi Society of Arts and Culture.

The five-day contest will feature Saudi and other Gulf and Arab movies of various genres.

Saudi Arabia, which follows a rigorous doctrine of Islam known as Wahhabism, is the only country to have banned cinema houses in the Muslim conservative Gulf Arab region.

But cafes in main cities show films, sports games and video clips on large television sets.

Saudi filmmakers are getting more support abroad than inside the country. Saudi films have been featured at Gulf festivals but totally ignored at home.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Seizure of Laptops and Electronics devices across Borders

Saudi Arabian Oil Company (ARAMCO) alerts their company-sponsored travelers that their laptops and other electronic devices (such as Blackberries, iPhones, iPods, flash drives and cameras) can be seized and their information downloaded by the Customs officials while crossing borders without explanation or provocation. This includes personal photographs, personal banking, any business documents, and stored or unopened e-mail.

Therefore, everyone should adopt the following measures while traveling out of Saudi Arabia:

• Carry a laptop or electronic device you can afford to lose.
• Carry only limited or no proprietary business information or personnel records regarding your employer, and/or employees.
• Limit your personal information on any computer used for travel
o No personal banking information
o No personal photographs that you wouldn't want made public
o No personal correspondence that you wouldn't want made public
o No personal health information
o No password information of any kind
• Email sensitive data ahead of time (before crossing a border) so it is not lost if the computer is seized.
• Ask for a receipt and a badge number of the individual taking your laptop or electronic device if your equipment is seized.
• Cooperate with Customs and Border Protection officers.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Smashing "Birdies"

You may ask why i sometimes missed my daily posting in my blog this month. Well, for the past days, I have been swept in this wonderful feeling of euphoria, excitement and apprehension because we’ve been into training for the Kalayaan 2008 (Ambassadors Badminton Cup) tournament. (Don’t ask me why the event is too early for the annual Philippine Independence Sports Festival ‘cause I dunno why it was not held in June!)

Actually, a friend introduced me to badminton last June 2007 when my uric acid counts reached an alarming 10. I was hesitant at first because the sport did not seem to be challenging at all because I don’t have any background in this indoor court game.

What I lacked in talent, I made up for in enthusiasm and my will to normalize my uric acid count. I could not play badminton without sacrificing my time and spend SR500 for a Wilson racquet and SR50 as monthly due. Anyway, it pays everything I lost. Beside, I’m now competing in this game.

Last Thursday (Feb. 14) was a very busy day for our Club. First off, we had to go to Sultan Bin ABdulaziz Humanitarian City (SBAHC) Activity Gym ( 60 km from Riyadh) for the opening ceremony. I had to undertime from my work because the ceremony starts at 2:00 pm. As mentioned in my earlier post, our Club was the first to be organized in Riyadh composed of students, parents and single OFWs.

I am happy to announce that we received very good feedbacks during the opening ceremony not only because of our new members but also of our new logo and uniform (which I designed!). Unfortunately, no award was given to Best in Uniform.

The next day, our Class E was first to compete against other clubs inside the badminton court that brought smiles to the faces of the spectators because some did not just exhibit their talents in the court, but they also elicited charm and sexiness (especially Chris and Martin!) and received thunderous applause from the audience. Our club won 16 out of 22 entries in Class E and D Levels.

Youth simply proved superior at this point. Most of our players in Class E are all young and energetic….Me and my partner in Men’s Double won the first round so we’re proceeding to the next round on Thursday. Pray for me guys and wish me luck!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Plate '1' smashes world record at $14.5mn

An Emirati businessman broke all records for the world’s most expensive number plate on Saturday, paying 52.2 million dirhams ($14.5 million) for plate number ‘1’ at an Abu Dhabi auction

Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri more than doubled the current record held by Talal Ali Mohammed Khouri who paid 25.2 million dirhams for plate number ‘5’ in May 2000, also paying 11 million dirhams for the number '7' plate.

The auction, on behalf of Abu Dhabi police, generated a record 89 million dirhams from the sale of 90 plates, including numbers 96, 100, 212, 1111, 2001 and 31313.

The UAE now holds the seven most expensive plates in the world.

Proceeds from the auction will go towards building a national rehabilitation centre for traffic accident victims - the first of its kind in the UAE.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V Day, My Love!

I ask if I may kiss you.
You just smile; no answer is necessary.
My initial kiss is just a flirting of our lips.
My tongue lightly flicking -
Like I am asking, "Do you want me?"
The tip of my tongue runs all around your lips.
Touching every part,
Inside and out -
Over and over again.
Tickling you, tickle, tickle, goes my tongue.
Now I press my lips gently to yours.
Rubbing your lips back and forth against mine.
My kisses are hot and fast.
I cannot rest long in any one place.
I have such a need to go on.
I trail kisses of passion all over your face.
Then back to your mouth.
Our tongues dance together.
We are exploring.
I circle your tongue with the tip of mine.
You echo the pattern back to me.
I lick the sides, underside and the top.
You echo back.
I suck your lower lip.
You echo back.
We repeat, repeat, repeat.
The sensations are driving our emotions.
We are wild for each other.
You thrust your tongue in and out.
The movements are rhythmic and stabbing.
Simulating our love making during mating.
I ask again, do you want me?
I can tell that you do.
No words are necessary.

Happy Birthday my Love... You just made my night so special!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Saudi bans red roses for Valentines

Saudi Arabia's religious police have banned red roses ahead of Valentine's Day on February 14, pushing up the black market prices for the red flowers.

Mutawwa, the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, on Sunday ordered florists and gift shop owners in the capital Riyadh to remove any items coloured scarlet, widely associated with romantic love.

Black market prices for roses have been already rising because of the ban, which has been regularly enforced in recent years.
Saudi authorities consider Valentine's Day as un-Islamic, primarily for encouraging relations between men and women outside wedlock, an act punishable by law in the conservative kingdom.

The kingdom's ban on roses appears to exclusively relate to the sale of flowers by florists and shop owners, and not wholesale flower sales to be used in the production of perfume in the kingdom.

How the ban relates to married couples in Saudi Arabia, Muslims or otherwise, giving each other roses or to the placement of flowers on Muslim graves in the kingdom, has not been elaborated by authorities.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weakest Link

Last week's undersea cable disasters and the resulting disruptions to internet and voice services spell out an outrage everywhere.
The service providers forced to re-route traffic, prompting my DSL broadband “networkers” at home to panic and somehow, accused me of unplugging their lines to the modem. Actually, I don’t charge any extra amount from them, our monthly charge depends on the STC billing, but every time we encountered problems with the connection, they burst out!

“Laglag na naman tayo.. Bakit ganoon? Nagalit tuloy yong ka-chat ko!...Bad trip”

“Ano ba yan..mag palit na nga tayo ng provider baka mas maganda pa! Baka naman yong connection natin ang may diperensya?”

Bakit ang mga internet café hindi nalalaglag?..Di ba 24/7 yong DSL natin?

Also, someone doubted and insisted to check his connections from the modem.

Then the following day, I forwarded to them the news about the cable disasters. They pacified.

Berserk. Yes, this is what the recent net blackout due to undersea intercontinental cable cuts on Jan 30.

Last week's events seemed to be an unfortunate combination of events, the resulting chaos shows just how vulnerable the connections for this part of the world are. Put simply, there is just not enough cable running into the Middle East.

Dependence on Net is indeed annoying sometimes..

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Banned Medicines in Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Health (Saudi Arabia) has stopped the following medicines because it has a dangerous effect on Heart and Brain.







Friday, February 8, 2008

Gold plate

On 16th of February, officials from the Guinness Book of World Records will be in Abu Dhabi to witness the auction of exclusive number plates including the most elusive and sought after of all: an Abu Dhabi number 1.

Number 1 may break the world record as the most expensive number plate of more than 25.2 million Dhs (almost 7 million US$)

Number plates in the UAE bestow upon their owners their present rank in society - Ruler: number 1; immediate family: single digits; senior government officials: two digits; private company CEOs: three digits; Filipinos and other expats? 9698724.

Small wonder then that they attract such extraordinary value. The status of being labelled one of the top 200 individuals in the UAE is worth a great deal in UAE society and business.

But can it really be worth Dhs25 million or more? Surely a small proportion of this price can be put down as a business expense. The rest is pure vanity.

A clue to value can be found in other countries. In the UK, the record for the most expensive number plate ever sold was broken this week when an anonymous buyer paid £375,000 (Dhs2.73 million) for the plate ‘F1' (Bernie Ecclestone, perhaps?).

It seems that the British refuse to pay more for a number plate than they could spend on even the most expensive, customised Bentley or Rolls Royce on which to attach it.

There is clearly no such ceiling among the super rich of the UAE.

Maybe it is because cars in the UAE spend so much time in traffic jams, the value of their exterior fixtures is higher because people spend more time looking enviously at them

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rights group outrage at Egypt HIV torture

Egyptian HIV-positive men are arrested, tortured and chained to hospital beds for 23 hours a day before facing unfair trials for alleged homosexuality, Human Rights Watch said on Wednesday.

The New York-based watchdog documented a series of arrests after two men were detained in October during an altercation on a Cairo street and taken to the so-called Morality Police after one said he was HIV-positive.

The men, whom HRW did not identify, say they were slapped and beaten for refusing to sign statements the police wrote for them, handcuffed to a desk for four days and subjected to forensic anal examinations to "prove" their homosexual conduct.

Human Rights Watch said such examinations constitute torture and are medically spurious.

The two men are still chained to Cairo hospital beds for 23 hours a day pending a decision by prosecutors on whether to charge them with homosexuality, HRW said.

While homosexuality is not included in a list of sexual offences explicitly outlawed by Egypt's Islamic-inspired legislation, it can be punished under several different laws on morality.

Besides facing widespread public prejudice, Egyptian homosexuals have in the past been sentenced to up to five years in prison on charges ranging from "scorning religion" to "sexual practices contrary to Islam."

Police later arrested two more men whose details were on the original detainees' mobile phones, HRW said, adding a further four were arrested and charged with homosexual conduct.

The arrests were solely on the basis that the men were living in a property where one of the detainees had lived. The suspects were beaten, and deprived of food, water and blankets during the first days of their detention.

They were tested for HIV without their consent after which a public prosecutor told one of them, who tested positive, that "People like you should be burnt alive. You do not deserve to live," HRW said.

Four of the eight arrested were jailed for a year for the "habitual practice of debauchery," a term used to penalize consensual homosexual conduct in Egyptian law, on the basis of coerced and repudiated statements, HRW said.

In addition to the two still detained in hospital, the remaining two are in custody in a Cairo jail.

HRW slammed the alleged torture and called on authorities to end the practice of chaining detainees in hospital, and ensure that the men receive the highest available standard of medical care for any serious health conditions.

Egyptian authorities did not immediately respond to the allegations.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


In its recent advisory to the OFWs in Saudi Arabia, the Consular Section of the Philippine Embassy is experiencing a continuing shortage of supply for the new passport booklets hence the issuance of new passport is temporarily suspended starting today, 5th Feb. 2007, until such time that they will receive the documents from Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila.

Ambassador Antonio P. Villamor advises those who cannot wait to travel can opt for a travel document in lieu of a passport at the Consular Section.

For updates, applicants can contact the Phil. Embassy in Riyadh at tel nos. 482-0507; 482-3559 and 4823816 or at its email address:

Monday, February 4, 2008

My Latest DVD Collections

I added the following DVDs to my library, downloaded from the net:

"A Bangkok Love Story" - Thai Gay Movie


A loner gunman named Mhek is assigned to kidnap a police informant named It, but Mhek has a change of heart when he is ordered to kill It.

In a gunbattle with his employers, Mhek is wounded, but It grabs Mhek's gun and returns fire. The two men then escape on Mhek's motorcycle.

At Mhek's rooftop hide-out, It tends to Mhek's wound and finds himself attracted to Mhek. While giving Mhek a bath one day, It initiates sexual intercourse with the hitman. Conflicted, Mhek demands that It leave him alone. It returns home to his fiancee, Sai, but is no longer interested in continuing a relationship with her. It spends his days pining over Mhek, and tracks down Mhek's brother, Mhok, and their mother. Mhok is HIV positive, as the result of sexual abuse by his and Mhek's stepfather, and their mother is dying of AIDS.

Mhek's dream is to take his mother and brother away from Bangkok to the mountains of Mae Hong Son Province. But after Mhek's mother witnesses Mhek and It kissing each other, she commits suicide by hanging herself.

It's fiancee, Sai, also witnesses the kissing by Mhek and It, and terminates their marriage plans. Meanwhile, Mhek's former employers are gunning for him. It decides to take matters into his own hands, and goes to Mhek's bosses' hide-out and shoots them both. Mhek, meanwhile, is planning to meet his brother at the railway station to leave Bangkok for good. But before he can board the train, he is apprehended by the police and sent to prison.

Years pass by. Mhok dies of AIDS at a hospice in northern Thailand. It visits Mhek in prison and reveals that he was left blind in the final gunbattle with Mhek's bosses. Eventually, Mhek is released from prison, and It meets him. But before the two men can leave to start their life together, Mhek is gunned down by an assassin. It eventually gets his sight back, and the first thing he does is to look at his mobile phone, which has a picture of Mhek on it that he took many years before.

Ang Lalaki sa Parola - Filipino Gay Movie

t its heart, "Ang Lalake sa Parola" ("The Man in the Lighthouse") is a tale of self-discovery.

It is the story of Mateo, played by up-and-coming hunk Harry Laurel, whose search for his estranged father (Richard Quan) leads him to the town of Lobo, Batangas. Once there, he finds out that his father, who disappeared when Mateo was but five years old, is now working in Dubai.

Mateo decides to wait for his father to return and settles down in Lobo to become the caretaker of its lighthouse. While he is acting in this capacity, he meets Jerome (Justin de Leon), a gay man from the city. The former is inexplicably attracted to the latter like a moth to a flame, despite the fact that he is very much attached – and to a woman at that.

As he falls deeper in love with Jerome, his girlfriend Suzet (Jennifer Lee) struggles for his love and attention. To paraphrase Shakespeare, Mateo is faced with a decision – to come out, or not to come out? That, indeed, is the question.

"Ang Lalaki sa Parola" is sure to delight both gay and straight audiences alike. How so? Yes, homosexuality is one of its major themes, but it is more than a simple "gay interest video." It is a heartwarming tale of two people finding themselves by finding each other – something that everyone can relate to – gay or straight.

According to its director, Jay Alterejos (whom i've known way back in 1998 coz we have a common friend, Bong), "Life is a journey and a continuous search for something. We might be looking for our roots, happiness, or even material fulfillment. At the end of the journey, we realize that the search is all about finding one’s true self, and learning to accept and embrace it."

"Ang Lalaki sa Parola" is Harry Laurel’s film debut. He hails from Legaspi City, Bicol (my hometown) and is the newest member of Viva’s Men of Provoq. Alan Paule, Crispin Pineda, Dexter Doria, Monti Parungao and Sheree also star.

I remember in 2004 when he lost in G. Albay pageant. I was there (among the less than a hundred audience in a big Albay astrodome) watching the search with James Blanco as their special guest, and Harry seemed to be unnoticed. Anyway, he has gone this far good enough and i'm glad he looks more manly than the winner of the G. Albay 2004 search who, i heard, is now a certified "ka-baro".

Formula 17 - Taiwanese Gay Movie

FORMULA 17 puts a lighthearted, humorous spin on gay life in Taiwan, painting an idealized portrait that contains no mention of the difficulties associated with the gay community. Ponderous topics like AIDS, societal pressures, or coming-out issues are absent, and there are no women or straight people--only beautiful young men with hearts more or less made of gold.

This candy-coated depiction comes off as a refreshing celebration of the simple joy of being young, gay, and in love. Tien is a 17-year-old country boy who has just arrived in Taipei to meet an internet friend he has been corresponding with. It soon becomes clear, however, that the prospective man of Tien's dreams--whose online handle is "Beast Man"--is only out for one thing, so Tien flees to a nightclub where his childhood friend, the flamboyant Yu, slings drinks with enthusiasm. Yu takes his naïve friend under his wing, scoffing at Tien's dogged insistence on waiting for love before he loses his virginity, and attempting to educate him in the ways of urban existence.

Tien persists in his virtue, resisting the advances of a hunky plumber hired by Yu and his crew of queens for the purposes of deflowering the boy. Meanwhile, it seems Tien has caught the eye of the local playboy, Bai, whose reputation for loving and leaving is well-established. Tien is likewise drawn to Bai but is justly wary of his past, and the two enact a halting courtship fraught with misunderstanding that stems from Bai's fear of intimacy.

The entirety of the film takes on the structure of a Greek comedy, complete with a chorus--Yu and his friends, who provide humorous commentary on the action--and a deux ex machina that pretty much saves the day. There is never any real doubt as to how this love story will end, but the pleasure of the story lies in the telling.

Adam & Steve - Comedy Gay Movie

In most romantic comedies the lovers meet cute. "Adam & Steve," directed by actor Craig Chester (familiar from his roles in such gay-themed indie films as "Grief" and "Swoon"), adopts a new approach. In this ramshackle if intermittently amusing effort, they meet gross.

And I do mean gross. We first encounter the titular characters via a prologue set in 1987, when Adam (Chester) is a Goth partygoer and Steve (Malcolm Gets) is a glam dancer. Hooking up at a club, the pair attempt to get it on, only to find their foreplay rudely interrupted by a burst of diarrhea prompted by the baby laxatives that have been mixed into their cocaine.

Whew! Cut to years later, when the more conservatively dressed figures, unaware of their previous encounter, meet again. Adam is now a bird watcher tour guide and recovering addict who hasn't been in a relationship for months, while Steve is a promiscuous psychiatrist. This time they do meet cute, of sorts, when Adam accidentally stabs his dog (not fatally).

The resulting courtship and inevitable complications form the crux of the story, which quickly settles into a familiar mode. Adding some comic spice to the proceedings are Parker Posey as a formerly obese stand-up comic who can't seem to remove the fat jokes from her act and former "Saturday Night Live" star Chris Kattan as Steve's straight, horndog roommate. Also on hand are Julie Hagerty, as Adam's accident-prone mother, and Sally Kirkland, no doubt wondering why Oscar nominations seem to count for so little in one's ensuing career.

The performers struggle to wrestle laughs from the crude material, and to their credit actually succeed to some degree. But ultimately "Adam & Steve" mainly goes to prove that indie gay romantic comedies can be just as witless, vulgar and over the top as their straight, major studio counterparts.

Need a copy??? Email me privately...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Internet crisis deepens

INTERNET DISRUPTION: The Falcon network runs from Egypt to India, linking 11 countries in the region.

A third undersea cable has been cut after breaks near Egypt earlier this week disrupted web access in parts of the Middle East and Asia, Indian-owned cable network operator Flag Telecom said on Friday.

Undersea cable connections were disrupted off Egypt's northern coast on Wednesday, affecting internet access in the Gulf region and south Asia, and forcing service providers to reroute traffic.

The Internet Service Providers' Association of India said earlier on Friday cable repair ships had been sent to fix the breaches, which are in segments of two intercontinental cables known as SEA-ME-WE-4 and Flag Europe-Asia.

Flag said a repair ship was expected to arrive at that site by February 5 and repair work would be completed a week from then.

Earlier on Friday, Chharia had said India's internet services were operating at about 80% of capacity, but he later told newswire Reuters there were no issues with connectivity at the moment.

Flag's rival, Indian internet service provider Videsh Sanchar Nigam (VSNL), said the majority of its internet services to the Middle East and North Africa had been restored within 24 hours, as had services to India.

VSNL said in a statement it had used the SEA-ME-WE-3, SEA-WE-ME-4 eastbound and TIC cable to reroute customer traffic.

India's booming outsourcing industry, which provides a range of back-office services like insurance claims processing and customer support to overseas clients over the internet, have played down the disruption, saying it had back-up plans in place.

The International Cable Protection Committee, an association of 86 submarine cable operators dedicated to safeguarding submarine cables, says more than 95% of transoceanic telecoms and data traffic are carried by submarine cables, and the rest by satellite.

One of the biggest disruptions of modern telecoms systems was in December 2006, when a magnitude 7.1 earthquake broke nine submarine cables between Taiwan and the Philippines, cutting connections between southeast Asia and the rest of the world.

Internet links were thrown out in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines, disrupting the activities of banks, airlines and all kinds of email users.

Traffic was rerouted through other cables, but it took 49 days to restore full capacity.

Friday, February 1, 2008

My Heaven

I look deep in your eyes.
I see there what I feel inside.
We share something between us,
Neither one of us can hide.

I feel your lips touch mine,
I loose all my control,
All it took was a look and a kiss,
To know you were part of my soul.

I see your hands on my skin,
I want and need you to do more,
The passionate look you give me,
Tells me heaven is in store.

I feel your need against my thigh,
I know you will fulfill every wish,.
We were made to fit together,
And all it took was a look and a kiss.

I look deep in your eyes,
And I see heaven there inside,
You make me feel so beautiful,
What I feel for you I cannot hide.