Monday, February 25, 2008

Just Play and Enjoy.

I might not be playing really well during our practice, but my focus on the game going into an important match of tournament might be really high. This was observed by my buddy (and my coach) in badminton when I first try to play outside our club.

Actually, my palms get sweaty and the mere prospect of going on court starts me wishing I was someone else!

The 'butterflies in the stomach' that we all (even the very best players) get from time to time almost ruin our games. But THEN I ignore them and try to relax and stop feeling nervous. Beside, I always think that the game is only for fun and nobody is watching us.

Badminton is a sport that requires a great deal of stamina and physical fitness to endure and become a great player. For this reason alone badminton exercises are a great way to keep yourself in top physical condition to achieve the best play you possibly can.

I am enjoying playing badminton twice a week here in Riyadh. At first i was not comfortable playing with others coz i had questions in my mind like are they nice or just pretending. That’s what i thought when first meeting and play with them last June 2007. I admit, i was like judging them and i was wrong.

As time go by, i've known them and realized that they are really nice people. They are not the pretentious kind. I am so glad that i have friends coz of sports. Its not only that I always enjoy the game but also its nice to meet new people. At the same time i am doing a good physical exercise.

The recent Kalayaan Cup 2008 was a good yardstick to determine if I have to continue to learn more techniques in badminton. Competing in my category with 65 entries, is tough..really tough. The best of the best will surely win…

Although I only reached the quarterfinals, it had inspired me to focus more and enjoy the sport.

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chase / chubz said...

i suck at badminton. i can't follow very fast birdies. hehe