Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weakest Link

Last week's undersea cable disasters and the resulting disruptions to internet and voice services spell out an outrage everywhere.
The service providers forced to re-route traffic, prompting my DSL broadband “networkers” at home to panic and somehow, accused me of unplugging their lines to the modem. Actually, I don’t charge any extra amount from them, our monthly charge depends on the STC billing, but every time we encountered problems with the connection, they burst out!

“Laglag na naman tayo.. Bakit ganoon? Nagalit tuloy yong ka-chat ko!...Bad trip”

“Ano ba yan..mag palit na nga tayo ng provider baka mas maganda pa! Baka naman yong connection natin ang may diperensya?”

Bakit ang mga internet café hindi nalalaglag?..Di ba 24/7 yong DSL natin?

Also, someone doubted and insisted to check his connections from the modem.

Then the following day, I forwarded to them the news about the cable disasters. They pacified.

Berserk. Yes, this is what the recent net blackout due to undersea intercontinental cable cuts on Jan 30.

Last week's events seemed to be an unfortunate combination of events, the resulting chaos shows just how vulnerable the connections for this part of the world are. Put simply, there is just not enough cable running into the Middle East.

Dependence on Net is indeed annoying sometimes..

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