Thursday, August 23, 2007

Desert Hunk #7: Dave Payne Medina

Dave almost didn’t make it to the International Image Model 2007 contest since he was scheduled to go back to the Philippines before the pageant night. However, he was able to postpone his trip in order to join the contest.

Six-footer Dave, a bonafide SE talent, works as a Waiter at Muthana Hotel in Riyadh. Just recently, he was declared as 2nd Runner up for the Ginoong Pilipinas Saudi Arabia 2006.

Although he had a hard time coping up with the contest because of his work and the great expectations from the people around him, Dave thinks that he bagged the title because he is a very good example of modern Filipino youth because of his confidence, friendly attitude and preserving the good quality of a Filipino. “I consider almost everything as an advantage because I was able to extend my social relationship and experienced many things one wouldn’t normally encounter here in Saudi Arabia”, a teary-eyed Dave confesses during his farewell party.

Unlike other men who are seeing themselves joining male beauty pageants and modeling as a despicable act of exploitation, Dave finds it relevant to individual’s maturity and development of self-confidence. “It is always believing in yourself and think positively in everything you do. Never underestimate your potentials by the negative thinking that real men have no place in beauty contests”, Dave enthuses.

Aside from the main title, Dave was also proclaimed as Best in Office Attire, Formal Wear and the Gulf Air award.

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