Sunday, August 12, 2007

Email Etiquettes

Author, consultant and former Yahoo executive Tim Sanders offers the following top tips of e-mail etiquettes:
• Never say no: “E-mail is for yes, maybe, passing on information of answering
a question. If you’re going to say no, pick up the phone.”
• Don’t CC Dad: “Try to limit CCing your boss or parents. The person who you
are sending the e-mail (to) can become rather resentful.”
• Don’t send e-mail with “hot eyelids”: “Never send an e-mail when you’re mad.
Touch your fingers to your eyelids and if they’re hot, put the e-mail into
the drafts box and revisit once you’ve calmed down.”
• Stop replying to all: “Erase the ‘reply all’ from your e-mail. Take the time
to think who the e-mail really needs to go to.”
• Consider the time: “If you are a boss, don’t send company e-mails throughout
the night. If your employees see you working late, they will feel they have
to as well. This could cause a very resentful workplace.

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