Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Birthday, Jei-C!

Jei-C Manuel, one of my featured Desert Hunks, celebrated his birthday with some of his closest friends last Thursday.

Actually, I missed Jei-C coz’ more than a month na kaming di nagkikita.

We arrived in Jei-C’s pad almost past midnight. The party has just started since Jei-C’s office schedule during Thursday is until 11:00pm at kauuwi lang niya.

He has no plan to celebrate his birthday since he just arrived from vacation few months ago. However, some friends insisted to give him a pot-luck surprise party with no spending angst on his part. Apparently, being the friendliest desert hunk, I had anticipated already that his “preferred” guests will arrive with their own “dowry”. Kaya from his office, lahat nakahanda na sa mesa.

I’ve seen buckets of KFC Chicken, Cakes, softdrinks, pasta, kare-kare and other main dishes. I know even if I won’t ask him (coz I might put someone on a hotseat), alam ko wala siyang masyadong nagastos sa party niya. Dami niya atang fans sa Riyadh.

There were few guests in his pad when we arrived, mostly mga barkada din namin. I saw his co-members in Beat Static Dance Troupe with their new friends. Andoon din si Abs (together with his companion whom I mistakenly identified as an Arab, pero Pinoy din pala).

After several minutes, more guests arrived, like Mamu Breajette, Eric, Lito and Aio. I was surprised to see Brejeatte sa bago niyang looks dahil for several months na daw na hindi siya nag-aahit. Last time I saw Mamu was in June. As usual, siya pa rin ang palaging nagpapasaya ng crowd, with his new crack jokes, tsismis, and new-fangled stories from nowhere.

Although Breajette has always livened up the crowd, you can feel that he is enduring some apprehension about his present problem concerning his work as a fashion designer. For several months, his Saudi sponsor failed to give him his full salary and housing allowance. He is planning to seek the Labor Office assistance.

But despite of everything, he can withstand the financial burden he is facing to. Hindi mo talaga mahahalata ang problema niya ngayon. As a matter of fact, when we asked him to show his version of Papaya Dance, he unhesitantly did it and made us fall down laughing (watch his video in youtube).

Eric, also featured as Desert Hunk #6, was present and ever so gorgeous. Malambing pa rin at kalog. Mas lalong tumutingkad ang kaguwapuhan.

The night was full of fun and laughters.. at napagbati yong may mga tampuhan at iringan sa barkada. Hindi kasi maalis yong iba na nagkakagalit, pero dahil sa mga taong tinuturing na ama’t ina (Daddy Ed and Cora) ng grupo, naayos ang lahat.

Pero ang ikinabigla ko ay ang mga revelations na nangyari… kung sino ang sila na… yong mga hiwalay na… at yong mga papunta pa lang doon..

Muli, Happy Birthday Jei-C!

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