Saturday, June 30, 2007

How to give a great blow job...

The most important thing in love is to GIVE. One who gives love will receive love! If you have to force yourself into making love with your lover, then you need to find another lover, because you will loose that lover at sometime in the future. NO ONE WANTS TO BE WITH A LOVER THAT PRETENDS!


Some cum taste bad and some taste wonderful. Cum is dependent on what your partner has had to eat… how much salt they have taken, etc. You can change the taste of CUM by the food you eat. A man’s cum contains a lot of protein which is not bad for you. IN fact, during the 12th to 19th century, men’s cum sold for a high price. Ladies used to apply Men’s CUM to their face and body which remove wrinkles. Think of it as a fine delicate drink…

Always be clean when making love, no one wants to be with someone who is not clean or healthy. Men are turned on by several things, one is smell. Wearing your favorite perfume never hurts…


Oral sex, aside from kissing, is the highest form of expression of love between partners. Hopefully, this information will help you break down any barriers which you might have that would prevent you from expressing your love.

First thing first…

1. Place him flat on his back on your bed, in a well lighted room.. Take his cock in your hand and LOOK at it. Look at his cock…take enough time to convince your man that some kind of treat is in store for him.

Few men can stay soft under these circumstances. When you first start to touch him, his cock will become hard. The cock must be hard if you are t be able to note the important parts that are sensitive to stimulation by your lips and tongue. Take a closer look at the shaft of the penis itself. There is a bulbous part of the organ near the outer end, slightly larger in diameter than the shaft, which is often called the head. The outside perimeter of the head is the corona.
Learn the areas of special sensitivity completely and be ready to apply your knowledge to his body with your tongue and with your lips when you bend your head over his cock.

2. While his erect penis points toward the ceiling, cup his balls in one hand and gently, using only your tongue. Moist your tongue and lick softly the head, then proceed to the corona, and carefully along the entire underside of his erect organ.

3. As you suck along the underbelly, you will learn those areas that give him the greatest pleasure when your tongue is touching them. (Unless he is made of stone, your man will provide you with vivid clues as to which areas are most pleasureable.)

4. For most men, the most sensitive area will be the point where the ring of the head and the foreskin are attached. By continued licking and tapping along this area with your tongue, you are going to being forth a wonderful climax for your man.

5. As he is getting ready to climax, you will note changes in his penis. These signs will be the same every time he climaxes so that you can prepare for his cum properly.

6. When you deep throat, try your tongue to lick the end of the shaft. It will surely add pleasure. Concentrate more on the corona, the most sensitive part of the penis.

7. The head of the cock may swell somewhat larger than it is during the normal course of his erection. He may thrust his hips forward as he wants to send his body hurtling out his cock with his cum.

8. Do not let your throat plays tricks on the head. The shaft of the penis does not have many nerve ending and does not, therefore, provide a man with any high degree of stimulations when caressed whether manually or with your tongue. Sucking up and down the shaft will get the guy on.

9. The testicles are extremely sensitive to PAIN and are not usually considered to erotic stimulation to any particular degree.

10. For most men, immediately prior to the cumming, there will appear at the tip of the cock a clear drop or two of his fluid. When you see this or feel this, you know that the moment of truth is at hand.

11. Launch your torpedoes, full cum ahead! Place his stiff cock inside your mouth but do not tighten your lips around the shaft. With your head begin a circular motion, the cock will slide to different places in your mouth as you continue. Watch your teeth on this one. A kneeling position will suffice, but it is also effective when your man is on his back and your head is directly over his cock. The circle should be executed in both clockwise and counter-clockwise motion in a slow purposeful manner.

12. Continue in rhythmic motion and when you feel that his penis becomes harder, try to increase the speed of your sucking but make sure to excrete more liquid to make it smoother and not to tighten your lips.

13. When you feel that the penis reach its maximum hardest point, you will notice that the penis becomes bigger and swollen. It will remain harder until you noticed from the shaft that something has to come out. You can feel the pulsation of the penis when the load started to run from the duct. If you prefer to cum inside your mouth, continue the up and down motion of your mouth in slow rhythm, with the tip of your tongue licking the shaft. Some men feel uncomfortable being suck-up after cumming. Best way is to continue licking the head, corona, shaft with the sperm on it. This arouses him more.

Friday, June 29, 2007

A Santuary in the Desert..(Dirab Golf Course)

The winds muted in hot summer days in Riyadh. Imagine a temperature reaching almost 50C at noon and 37C at night!

You can almost feel the gruesome heat permeating your body. Unlike in other parts of Saudi Arabia (Al-Khobar and Jeddah) where the humidity is high, Riyadh’s high temperature seems to be fine except for those who work at Site.

At times like this, a good haven for recreation is best….

Dirab Recreation and Swimming Pool is the place..

At Dirab Golf Club, the practice facility is not just a place to stop by and hit a few balls before a round. It is a destination that holds as many challenges and as much fun. The anchor of the practice area is a wide driving range approximately 27,000 sq meters, excluding 1,600 sq meter practice tee with all-grass hitting stations that can accommodate 30 golfers simultaneously and plenty of room for long hitters to practice their 300 yard drives !.
12 synthetic mat stations with automated ball dispensers are available with sun shade and lighted during the dark, enabling the golfers to stay cool during their practice.
It is only a modest course, but it is the place to play when visiting Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Built in 1991 under the stewardship and vision of the owners Khaled and Mohammed Abunayyan, Dirab Golf and Recreation Center is renowned for its exceptional year-round playing conditions, carved rolling fairways. large target greens and challenging hazards from a sprawling farm land that was once home to a flourishing vegetable plantation of the Abunayyan's.

Dirab Golf Course blends fine design, meticulously manicured greens, unmatched challenge with its tree-lined fairways and accommodating staff that have made this course a true favorite requested by golfers year after year.

A large swimming pool is located inside the Dirab Golf Course surrounded by shrubs and just at the slope of a rocky hill, adding to the privacy of this family recreation. It's the perfect way to cool off after a week of stressful office works.
Furnished villas are available inside the Dirab Recreation Center, which can be use for social gathering, such as barbeque, small parties etc.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Laro... (Pantasya Episode 3)

"Laro," about four basketball players (Nicco Taverna, Dexter Castro, Brent Lee and Adam Torralba) who are taking a shower in the locker room after an intense game, and a shy guy (Kyle Zenoria) who takes a peek at them and later joins in the fun.


Basketball ang nagpakilala sa totoong ako…
Bata pa ako, mahilig na ako sa basketball…
Kabisado ko ang paraan ng paglalaro… mga regulasyon na dapat sundin..

Ang basketball ay laro ng team, pero sa maniwala kayo sa hindi, kahit minsan, hindi ako naging miyembro ng team o maglaro saan mang tournament.

Hindi ko alam kung bakit…
Siguro, depende rin yon kung paano mo titingnan ang laro..
Para sa akin, ang basketball ay parang damdamin ng tao..parang laro ng buhay…

Sa court, bawat kilos at galaw mo pinipintasan.
Pagnaka-score ka, okey ka.
Pag hindi mo nai-shoot ang bola, badshot ka…
Suwerte mo pag nakapuntos ka ng free throw.. malas mo pag na-foul ka.

Ang pinakamahirap ay yong kapag ang bola ay nara ere…yong ilang segundong nakalutang siya sa ere… saan ba siya babagsak? Sa loob ba o sa labas ng court?

Hindi ko alam, pero ganoon ang nararamdaman ko sa sarili ko…
Para akong bolang nakalutang sa ere… may mga tanong na dapat masagot….

Saan ba ako babagsak?? Sa loob ba o sa labas ng court? Miyembro ba ako ng team? o solo along maglalaro?

Pag wala akong pasok sa eskwela, lagi akong nanonood ng basketball sa subdivision namin.
Pinagmamasdan ko ang mga players….Pinagaaralan ko sila kung paano magkantiyawan…biruan…pati pagkain.

Noon Friday, Inter-barangay tournament, nag desisyon ako…
May gusto akong patunayan sa sarili ko….
Kaya sumali ako sa kanila..
Yon bang para akong miyembro ng team… di na importante kung sa loob o labas ng court..
Ang importante, nakasama ko sila…

(Shower scene from "Laro")
Photos taken from puri_titiwang yahoogroup

Marami sila, pero parang iisa pa rin sila…. Iisang ginagawa nila…sabay-sabay o halos sabay-sabay!

Sinabi ko sa sarili ko..okey lang pala kung maglaro ng basketball ng solo…parang one-man team..

Hindi ko alam pero sa buhay ng tao, darating at darating ang panahon na malalaman mo ang katotohanan tungkol sa sarili mo…. Nasa sa iyo na yon kung tatanggapin mo o hindi…
Ito ang oras ng pagbagsak ng bola mula sa ere…
Malalaman mo kung sino ka talaga…
Mahirap aminin sa sarili pero ganoon pala iyon…Ginawa mo na, pero wala kang choice kundi aminin..

Kung ganoon ka talaga, walang saysay ang pag-dedeny….

Siguro naman, hinid ikakalat ng player na iyon ang nangyari sa amin.. dahil kung tutuusin, siya ang naging instrumento para ilabas ang totoong pagkatao ko…
Sigawan mo man ako ng foul tungkol sa pagsisiwalat kong ito…. Pero yon ang totoo…
Ang pagkakaiba lang namin siguro, miyembro siya ng team… ako hindi….

for more, click here...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Palasyong Putik (Old Diriyah)

Saudi Arabia is rich with archeological and historical sites, dating back to a million years. This includes sites from periods such as pre-historic times, pre-Islamic period, the time of the prophets, and the Islamic period.

Remains of the walls that separates the houses

There is also sites related to the history of the Saudi Kingdom and other sites mentioned in Arabic poetry, buildings all over the kingdom reflect the climate varies, building style and lifestyle of each area, as well as customs and traditions, values, stories, and folklore.
Old Di-Riyadh is an archeological site located near to King Saud University. Entrance to the site is free and you can roam around quite easily.

Wooden beams support the roof which is commonly found in old houses

During the early years, most of the Saudis lived in a traditional type of a house made of mud or clay which is called a MUD HOUSE. As per the locals, inside a mud house, it is warm during winter season while it is cold during summer. As for today, the area of Al Diriyah or the Old Riyadh is being preserved by the government. Though new building are being built within the area...they make it a point that it is somehow a replica of the old ones.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Gorgeous Men of Riyadh...

"Kenneth Sawyer, Eric Manalastas, Dave Payne Medina, Deo Lacson, Manolito Corbin, Marc Arciaga, Jei-C Manuel, Eduardo Canendo, Jr, Sam Bustos, Gil Payumo, Michael Quiambao and Mark Lester Justiniano"

It may be surprising to some if they will know that despite of the extreme cultural differences in Saudi Arabia, there are Filipinos who manage to venture out in cultural shows, presentations and personality contests.

Although this bunch of good-looking guys comes to Saudi Arabia for their contract jobs, they are celebrities to their fellow overseas Filipino workers.

With a touch of sophistication and a lot of sexiness too, these men were able to enhance and show their talents in fashion modeling, singing and dancing.

Kenneth Sawyer – just like his brother who was the Pinoy Pop Superstar World Challenger (Saudi Arabia), this 18-year old Ryan Agoncillo look-alike honed his talent in singing and modeling. He appeared in various fashion shows and joined kingdom-wide singing competition in Saudi Arabia.

Eric Manalastas –Mr. Photogenic during the Search for G. Pilipinas Saudi Arabia 2006. He works as a jewelry designer in Diriyah. Presently, he joined a dance group in Riyadh to enhance his passion in dancing.

Dave Payne Medina – a 6-footer guy who won the Riyadh’s International Image Model 2007 title last March 2007.

Deo Lacson – this food server at Chili’s instinctively knew how to woo the audience in fashion modeling by his charm and expressive eyes.

Manolito Cobin – a 6’1” salesman in Riyadh. First time to join male beauty pageant and won the G. Pilipinas Saudi Arabia 2006.

Marc Arciaga – he finished high school in an American School in Riyadh. Presently studying in US where he got a 4-year college scholarship. In Riyadh, he was the most sought fashion model by Giordano and Bossini.

Jei-C Manuel – A Pampangueno working as IT Administrator in a clinic in Riyadh. He won the G. Pilipinas Riyadh 2005 title and presently, a member of an all-male dance group in Riyadh.

Eduardo Canendo Jr. – working in a fast food and has joined several fashion shows and personality contest. Just your typical boy-next door eager to bare it all.

Sam Bustos – since 2002, he appeared in various fashion shows of Bench and other famous fashion designers at the Philippine Embassy, Riyadh.

Gil Payumo – Although at present he concentrates more on his job in Industrial City, this Pampangueno was once the most in demand model in Riyadh.

Michael Quaimbao – another Cabalen who was the first winner of G. Pilipinas Riyadh title in 2004.

Mark Lester Justiniano – adjudged as Mr. Photogenic during the Search for g. Pilipinas Riyadh 2004.

With the desire to help their families financially at home, they maintain their good performances to their jobs but sometimes find a way to ease their boredom here in Saudi Arabia by getting involved in various shows and programs held at the Embassy.

They are not only considered famous and good looking, they are also achievers of their own.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bato...Bato... Paano ka Ginawa?? (Hidden Valley)

A completely dry valley, but yet a surprisingly beautiful one!

Sa kabila ng anyo ng aking kahinaang loob..
Sa bawat pagkasawi at pagkabigo sa aking buhay..
May nakatagong pag-asa na kailangan kong subukan
Akala ko ay hindi ko kayang abutin
Ngunit dahil sa iyong tibay at tatag ng loob
Nakita ko ang ganda at pag-asa.

Hinarap natin ang hamon ng kalikasan..
Matarik na bundok… matutulis na bato...
Di natin alintana
Madala mo lang ako sa tuktok na ubod ng ganda
Pinawi mo ang hinagpis sa aking mukha
Kakaibang saya ang aking nadarama
Dahil ang langit ay tila abot-kamay na.
Dahil sa iyo... ako'y muling lumigaya.

On our way to Hidden Valley, everybody could not resist looking at both sides of the road. There were mountains of rocks standing robustly on each side of the highway.

An escarpment runs before reaching Hidden valley. The escarpment has been cut in a beautiful manner. Fossils of corals and snails can be found here.

We reached our destination. As we drove up the soil - covered path of Hidden Valley between piles of gravel, a Pinnacle Valley was seen, that called because of the pillar of rock that stands near the entrance.

It was a great surprised when I found a pool of water in the 10 feet deep ground at the middle of the rocky dry mountains I thought it was a river and i wondered where it came from.

So maybe it was a water rain that was stored in the ground during the rainy days for the past few months.

What a wonderful place to see! I was surprisingly amazed to see such beauty that only nature can provide!

I went for a hike, did some mountain climbing and had a lot of fun together with my special someone….

I never thought how nature beautifully creates such valley, It was very impressive.

Well, great experience especially the things that you’d never been done before in your life… in shrubs… behind those walled stones… and on top of the rocky mountains!!!.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Kumunoy sa Buhangin (Red Sand -Riyadh)

Ang bawat hakbang ko
at pagsubok na akyatin ang pulang buhangin
Dama ko ang lakas ng hawak mo
Binahagi mo ang iyong lakas
Dahil tulong mo ay higit na kailangan ko

Paa ko’y pilit na nilalabanan ang tila kumunoy na
Pumipigil sa akin
At dahil sa pag-akay mo ay naging madali
Ang pag-ahon ko sa hirap ng aking paglalakbay

Ikaw ang nagbigay sa akin ng lakas
upang harapin ang hamon ng bukas….

Red Sand is a dune located 80km west side of Riyadh city center, traveling time is about an hour.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wendy's Hate Email

I'm an avid viewer of Pinoy Big Brother since the Season 1. Lauren Dyogi admitted that PBB now had to be commercialized. Mas effective daw pag pinag-uusapan.

However, the latest feud between Gee-ann, Bea and Wendy seems to be unhealthy...

Anyway, since the start i already dislike Wendy and Bruce coz i know they pretend to be lovers, in fact they belong to same agency, Mercator Modeling Agency or read in this blog

Photo from PBB website

Here's an email about Wendy, which she vehemently denied..

Facts about Wendy

i think even if how hard we try to hide our real “mukha” lalabas at lalabas din to. i know wendy from FEU (my school too) the main reason why she passed her mascomm degree is because she ****ed (sorry for the term) our professor last february. (this is true we have pix and cams) inside the speech laboratory all schoolmates know
this. She said shes went to japan as a dancer…it is true but she works in a prostitute house there and is charged $150 (pls convert to yen) a night.
Shes had controversial issues in FEU before about her story because she denied this when called to explain herself(kailangan ng FEU na mag background check sa students for school image) sabi ba naman niya “i went to japan as a cultural dancer”
may cultural bang inuuwi at binababoy ng mga customer?(confidential files
from 2005 feu) IT is true that she is a good person but trust me when i say
this. she should not deny the fact of her past so she can gain advantage over other people. SHe is NOT POOR.
her last boyfriend was a Japanese DOM (62) named Hakimoto Ikita who gave her
more than a million pesos. After she got the money she enrolled herself AGAIN IN FEU. this was around 2003. and left her lover to rot in Japan.
while she was with the JAP guy. she was engaged sexually with my cousin
T.H. Morales. also a student in FEU. reason they broke up. He caught wendy
in bed with another DOM. It is sad to admit that my cousin is a shabu addict
and so is wendy.they have sessions with drugs and after they have loud
*** ( i should know my cousin lives next to me i can hear them). I am not
against wendy or anything…and im happy that this might be her next step to
changing her bad ways of using people for money…i am just sad that she keeps
on making herself look “nakaka awa” to other people on tv so she can get more
votes. i just want her to be real and honest of who she is…she is hiding from a beautiful face and a sexy body… all i want is her honesty.

I pity Bruce he seems to be a nice guy to fall for someone like wendy…i told
you shes an evil genius. she has her ways of convincing people to like her…
through her lies and many faces. i bet after big brother and shes a star…she
will never look at bruce the same way like shes trying to portray now. She
has used a lot of people already…i know miss M guidance councelor.
sometimes shes saddened of wendy’s personality problem and wendy being a
if you found this article rude…my apologies
if you found this article enlightening… thank you

im hoping that the true PBB housemate deserving to win should win…but i hope
wendy won’t coz she is not deserving to me.

thank you…

Ma.Kathleen Morales Espiritu

Of course, Wendy Valdez denies all these allegations.

“Kung makikipagrelasyon ako, bakit sa professor ko pa sa college? Wala pong katotohanan ‘yun,” gulat na pahayag ni Wendy.

“Nakikiusap pa nga ako sa profs ko nu’ng nag-aaral pa ako na ipasa ako, eh, dahil sa absences ko sa mga shoot ko or pictorials,” dagdag nito.

Ayon kay Wendy, wala siyang kilalang gano’ng pangalan na nagkakalat ng maling info sa kanya — at sa palagay niya’y may naninira lang talaga sa kanya.

“Eight years akong pabalik-balik sa college dahil talagang may financial problem ang family ko. Nag-aral, nag-stop dahil kailangan kong magtrabaho, aral ulit, stop uli... Alam naman ng lahat ‘yun. Hindi totoo ‘yung sinasabi nilang DOM!” pagtutuwid ni Wendy.

“Hindi na ako naaapektuhan sa mga ganyang tsismis. Kung hindi ka mali-link sa politician, sa DOM.

“Ang masasabi ko lang, kung may million pesos na ako, hindi na sana kami nakatira sa maliit na bahay. Lumipat na sana kami at nagpatayo ng bagong bahay, di ba?” mariiing banggit ni Wendy.


Anyway, i vote for Beatriz Saw

Saudi King Bus

What a luxurryyyyyyy........

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Brent & Kiko, Kiko and Scene in "Laro".

A digital feature has five episodes that all deal with wild gay fantasies involving men in uniform. It starts with "Biyahe," about a jilted taxi driver (Arthur Estrella) and his jealous passenger (Rov Roxas) who find comfort in each other's lovesick arms. The second episode is "Linya," about a lonely homeowner (Harold Montano) whose phone conks out. Two handsome repairmen arrive (Mark Dionisio of Ma. Flordeluna and Kiko Montenegro) and they end up engaging in a dizzying threesome. Next is "Laro," about four basketball players (Nicco Taverna, Dexter Castro, Brent Lee and Adam Torralba) who are taking a shower in the locker room after an intense game, and a shy guy (Kyle Zenoria) who takes a peek at them and later joins in the fun. "Bilis" is about a hunky delivery boy in a hurry (Trent Allan) who delivers pizza to a bored yuppie (Justin de Leon) who is working overtime in his office. They get instantly attracted upon seeing each other. The last episode is "Bantay," about a horny security guard (Kyro Baldemor) in the graveyard shift. He sees two lovers fighting (Rhyme Rodriguez and Jon Eric). Rhyme dumps Jon and Jon finds solace in the arms of the easy going guard.

Experience the new digital feature entitled Pantasya from international award-winning director Dante Mendoza.

Photo courtesy of Puri Titiwang yahoogroups

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ginoong Pilipinas 2007 Winner... Ateneo Student??

Despite the controversy in the recenty G. Pilipinas 2007 Search, the grand winner by the name of Denver Olivarez truly deserved the title.

Den, who is from Bacoor, Cavite, and according to a source, is from Ateneo Law School, which makes me wonder what he is doing in this fresh-exposing search.

They had to make him wear THIS!

The male pageant was always criticized, mainly because of the entry of sleazeballs in the contest and the presence of D.O.G. to take in some boys. I'm not aware of his intentions in joining the pageant. Money? Hmmm. I don’t think so… maybe he is having difficulties in studies? Or he just wanted a diversion away from it all; or maybe he wants to go showbiz; or maybe... he has to prove something and find good buddies..

Photos taken from Puri Titiwang yahoogroups.

Watch the video here