Monday, June 25, 2007

Gorgeous Men of Riyadh...

"Kenneth Sawyer, Eric Manalastas, Dave Payne Medina, Deo Lacson, Manolito Corbin, Marc Arciaga, Jei-C Manuel, Eduardo Canendo, Jr, Sam Bustos, Gil Payumo, Michael Quiambao and Mark Lester Justiniano"

It may be surprising to some if they will know that despite of the extreme cultural differences in Saudi Arabia, there are Filipinos who manage to venture out in cultural shows, presentations and personality contests.

Although this bunch of good-looking guys comes to Saudi Arabia for their contract jobs, they are celebrities to their fellow overseas Filipino workers.

With a touch of sophistication and a lot of sexiness too, these men were able to enhance and show their talents in fashion modeling, singing and dancing.

Kenneth Sawyer – just like his brother who was the Pinoy Pop Superstar World Challenger (Saudi Arabia), this 18-year old Ryan Agoncillo look-alike honed his talent in singing and modeling. He appeared in various fashion shows and joined kingdom-wide singing competition in Saudi Arabia.

Eric Manalastas –Mr. Photogenic during the Search for G. Pilipinas Saudi Arabia 2006. He works as a jewelry designer in Diriyah. Presently, he joined a dance group in Riyadh to enhance his passion in dancing.

Dave Payne Medina – a 6-footer guy who won the Riyadh’s International Image Model 2007 title last March 2007.

Deo Lacson – this food server at Chili’s instinctively knew how to woo the audience in fashion modeling by his charm and expressive eyes.

Manolito Cobin – a 6’1” salesman in Riyadh. First time to join male beauty pageant and won the G. Pilipinas Saudi Arabia 2006.

Marc Arciaga – he finished high school in an American School in Riyadh. Presently studying in US where he got a 4-year college scholarship. In Riyadh, he was the most sought fashion model by Giordano and Bossini.

Jei-C Manuel – A Pampangueno working as IT Administrator in a clinic in Riyadh. He won the G. Pilipinas Riyadh 2005 title and presently, a member of an all-male dance group in Riyadh.

Eduardo Canendo Jr. – working in a fast food and has joined several fashion shows and personality contest. Just your typical boy-next door eager to bare it all.

Sam Bustos – since 2002, he appeared in various fashion shows of Bench and other famous fashion designers at the Philippine Embassy, Riyadh.

Gil Payumo – Although at present he concentrates more on his job in Industrial City, this Pampangueno was once the most in demand model in Riyadh.

Michael Quaimbao – another Cabalen who was the first winner of G. Pilipinas Riyadh title in 2004.

Mark Lester Justiniano – adjudged as Mr. Photogenic during the Search for g. Pilipinas Riyadh 2004.

With the desire to help their families financially at home, they maintain their good performances to their jobs but sometimes find a way to ease their boredom here in Saudi Arabia by getting involved in various shows and programs held at the Embassy.

They are not only considered famous and good looking, they are also achievers of their own.

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