Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Palasyong Putik (Old Diriyah)

Saudi Arabia is rich with archeological and historical sites, dating back to a million years. This includes sites from periods such as pre-historic times, pre-Islamic period, the time of the prophets, and the Islamic period.

Remains of the walls that separates the houses

There is also sites related to the history of the Saudi Kingdom and other sites mentioned in Arabic poetry, buildings all over the kingdom reflect the climate varies, building style and lifestyle of each area, as well as customs and traditions, values, stories, and folklore.
Old Di-Riyadh is an archeological site located near to King Saud University. Entrance to the site is free and you can roam around quite easily.

Wooden beams support the roof which is commonly found in old houses

During the early years, most of the Saudis lived in a traditional type of a house made of mud or clay which is called a MUD HOUSE. As per the locals, inside a mud house, it is warm during winter season while it is cold during summer. As for today, the area of Al Diriyah or the Old Riyadh is being preserved by the government. Though new building are being built within the area...they make it a point that it is somehow a replica of the old ones.

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