Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Guardian Angel.. ROCHEL

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Guardians are the Angels that are assigned to a particular human being. Our own Personal Guardian Angel! They join us at birth and helps move over into the other world when we part the earthly plane. They defend us when we’re in trouble, guide us in the right direction according to our life plan, give us small insights into how things are, and inspire us to live better lives. Our Guardian Angels are constantly in touch with any and all of the angels. They pass messages along to the relevant parties, if we ask for help from our Guardian Angel, they assist us, and call on other angels too for help.

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Although the Church has never defined that every individual soul has a guardian angel, I am sure between me and God is a guardian angel who has a mission to fulfill for me at all times.

Angels do not only act as the executors of God’s wrath against the ‘cities of the plain’, it is clearly stated in the Old Testament that angels are God’s ministries who carried out his behest and who were at times given special commissions regarding men and mundane affairs.

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My angel’s name is Rochel (the fifth angel of the Angels) …

He governs fame, fortune and inheritance. He rules over magistrates and lawyers. Rochel also brings the light to find what we have lost, or what was stolen, and to discover the thieves.

As my guardian angel, he enlightens my mind so that I may find what I have lost, that’s why I get rid of the burden of the past, and reconsider what is available at present . Rochel gives me strength to stop playing different roles in order to find my true self. I discover that I have strength and talents which I didn’t even suspect when I was a kid.

Rochel wants me to discover qualities that will lead me to success and personal harmony and he wants me to use it to help others without bragging anything.

Rochel always reminds me to be creative and productive. Although I cannot control my being so sensitive sometimes, he helps me to be imaginative, yet pragmatic, loyal and dependable, just like what he does to Mikhail Gorbachev, Alexander Graham Bell, Rex Harrisson and Jean Harlow.

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