Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Philippinenurses won Week 69 Blog Award

Congratulations to philippinenurses for winning Week 69 Blog Award.

You deserve it!

Being a nominee is a great privilege and i thank "The Composed Gentleman" for recognizing my effort to share my knowledge and my identity. It's my own little way to put into writing what i can't tell.... share to others where nobody dares to listen to me.

I started my daily digest last June 2007 and i make sure that everyday, i feed my blog.

I admit, i still have to learn more..share more and prepare myself to go publicly, no matter what it takes..I feel better if i noticed that there are bloggers who visited my site and give me inspiration, encourage me to write, and some has criticize my works. I welcome them all. I may not be perfect with my rhetorics and compositions, but my true intention to educate, inspire and touch other's lives is genuine...

Again thanks to those who voted me.. to Richard hush & listen (Khalel) and all members of my blog community... you guys give me lot of inspiration..

To The Composed Gentleman... i salute your kindness... God Bless You!

Let us all keep blogging!!

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Makoy said...

ei sori sa late reply. sarap b nung pusit? hehe. ano ba ang food sa inyo? wala bang pinoy foods?