Monday, August 6, 2007

My Forbidden Questions

It is better yo be open than to hide it from others or deny to yourself. If you suppress it, your heart will try to trick your head..

1. How old were you when you lost your virginity? With whom?
12, but tried sex at 7. “Iggy”

2. Worst thing done while drunk?
stripped off sa beach

3. Have you slept with any blogger contact?

4. Have you ever cheated when you were in a relationship?
Yup, 3 times

5. How far how you gone to check if your partner is cheating you?
Check his CP almost everyday.

6. Mancrush, 1 local and 1 foreign celebrity?
Local: John Lloyd Cruz
Foreign: Josh Hartnett

7. Last time you pleasured yourself?
15 minutes ago

8. How big is your wang (dick-size)?
5-6 in.

9. What's the 8th message on your inbox, and who sent it?
“I'm back..If you have time, call me, I ned 2 talk 2 u. Miss u"

10. Kissed in public?

11. How many one-night stands did you have?
One..two..three..four..five... i can't count anymore!

12. Craziest place you've done it with?

13. Have you slept with anyone famous?

14. Do you have a Sex tape out there? In YouTube? Or naked pictures?
Absolutely none!

15. Have you been in a threesome?
Yes, more than threesome!

16. Tried illegal drugs. What drugs?
Yes.. S

17. How many (if you can still count them) have you slept with?
I can’t count anymore

18. Dude we all know you’re gay, so just admit it.
Paolo Ballesteros & Josh Santana

19. Have you ever had an indecent proposal?

20. Actor you think has a big wang
Mon Confiado

21. When was the last time you watched or read a porn material?
While im answering these questions

22 What will be your pornstar name and what will be the title of your first porn movie?
I would be kknown as Jeff S.... The title "Sagad"

23. Worst TV show?
Daisy Siyete (GMA), Bakekang (GMA), Lovely Day (GMA)

24. Spit or Swallow?
It depends

25. Longest time when you were "doing it" with someone?
4 hours

26. Shortest time?
5 minutes

27. Last time you had sex with someone?
1 hour ago

28. What's your favorite sex position?
Dog style

29. What was your strangest dream?
I dreamed of spending a night with Rico Yan (pbwh) a night after his death

30. If you HAVE TO sleep with a blogger contact, who would that be


dazedblu* said...

whew the answers were very contoversial, hmm! ;) keep flaunting it ;)

dazedblu* said...

whew, your answers were very controversial, well just flaunting! ;)