Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Embassy Advisory on Helping Fellow OFW

Philippine Embassy warns Filipino community organization helping runaway OFWs.

A recent case involving a Filipino community leader in Al-Khobar, Mr. Alberto B. Guanzon, President of Kasangga ng OFW, prompted the Philippine Embassy to remind everyone to be always mindful of the Kingdom’s rules, regulations, laws, customs and traditions of the local society in order to avoid problems with the authorities or tom the extent of even losing their jobs.

Mr. Guanzon was arrested last February 13, 2008 with a Filipina runaway worker on board a borrowed car. According to Mr. Guanzon, he only helped our Filipina kababayan who was scheduled for turn-over to the Police authority when he was apprehended.

We cannot resist the call for help of our own kababayans. However, as guest workers in the Kingdom, we are not only expected but are obliged to follow and respect the local laws and regulations being enforced by the Saudi authorities which includes the responsibility of not giving refuge to a worker who absconded from his employer. This is a serious offense which carries a penalty of imprisonment, lashes and excessive fines if found guilty.

In case we will be sought by runaways or we know a kababayan in distressed, the Embassy is giving the following hotline numbers to be contacted:

Embassy (Riyadh) – 0501050141
Consulate (Jeddah) – 0505691801
POLO Riyadh – 0508475882/0508475854
POLO Jeddah – 0565309816/0505397628
POLO Eastern Region – 0501269742
POLO Central Region - 0507537997

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