Saturday, July 7, 2007

A river that flows in the desert....

Located just 30-minute drive in al Hair Road from Riyadh City Center, a kilometer distance before Riyadh Prison is a good recreation place commonly known for Filipinos as “Khamsa-Khamsa (KK)” exclusively for families during week-end.

Perhaps you cannot deny the fact about the absence of running water in Riyadh. Seldom you can see a river that flows… For sure, others may think that Riyadh is completely an arid land. However, even though mountains of rocks are standing robustly anywhere, KK has a wide river flowing from the north. You can see the sparkled water, upshots from the radiance of the sun, as it flows rapidly.

There are adequate pergolas/cottages within the area where families and friends can stay together.

You can also attempt to traverse between two mountains through a steel hanging bridge and if you haven’t ride a camel, you can best experience it here.

The palm trees were planted in rows near the river.

It can easily charm you and let you believe that this place is not just a desert of sands, but also a place of beautiful rocks, mountains and river ready to be embraced and enjoy with your loved ones.

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