Thursday, July 12, 2007

Malware authors spread Harry Potter worm.

Harry Potter fans investigating a Harry death rumour run the risk of activating a computer worm, Trend Micro has warned.

Malware authors are exploiting the current anticipation for the next Harry Potter book to trick fans into infecting their machines with a computer worm identified as WORM_HAIRY.A, the security vendor has found.

Once again these malware authors exploit highly-anticipated events in order to spread their malicious codes to the public," Samir Kirouani, senior technical engineer, Trend Micro Middle East and Africa said.

Potter fans around the world are anxiously waiting for the latest book, the last in the legendary series, to hit shelves on July 21.

Author JK Rowling has said that two characters will die in the novel leading to speculation that one may be the protagonist.

Investigate such rumours with caution, Trend Micro advised fans.

"Harry Potter fans could just treat the news of his death as an ugly rumour, but they should definitely exercise caution and practice safe surfing when investigating such claims online," Kirouani added.

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Riki The Dark said...

Thanks for sharing, I admire your honesty in sharing your wisdom regarding this matter.