Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Till We Meet Again....

Till We Meet Again......
photo by Jerishoots - Riyadh

Model: Ato of Riyadh
Ato (Renato)is presently working in Riyadh.

Till We Meet Again...

Your smile in the morning radiates like sunlight
Exasperating at once the harmony of my dreams.
From the dark I skewed my eyes to restore my sight,
And you come closer as I reach your arms.

Your gently touch kindles like the flaming fire
Healing impatiently my slothful dreary heart.

My tears suddenly fall ‘cause I long desire
That someday you’ll be back and won’t leave me apart.

Your face shimmers like a star in the night
And lightens the solemnity of my loneliness.

My tormented heart finally rage like a storm
Ravaging the absurdity of my weary soul.

Our love shall lingers as it was reborn
Never to lose again, always to be consoled.

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