Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Breaking a Habit

Some habits are
harder to break than others.

Often, even if we do manage to stop
ourselves from doing something that isn’t so smart,
we end up taking on an alternative activity of dubious merit.

Although I made good progress in a key area of life,
I can’t afford to rest on my laurels.
Already, I am slipping into a pattern I had hoped not to repeat.
With all problems, though, diagnosis is half the cure.
I can see what I need to fix.
Now all I have to do is fix it!

Only then I see exactly what’s wrong and I start to stand a good chance of making everything right.


khalel said...

I am Guilty of Having my Favorite Concubine - Smoking!

Don, Thanks for voting for me!

Now Help me launch a massive campaign! I want that award bagged! Call the Marine! Call the Infantry!

I want that award serve in butter! Move! Move! Move!


empress maruja said...

I'm grateful that I never smoke.

But if there's one habit that I have a hard time coping is that whenever I think of an upcoming post I tend to utter the words I plan to type. Uh-oh...

rmacapobre said...

i never thought i could stop smoking. it took me several relapses over the course of a year (last year) my first attempt was for one week. then i relapsed. then for 3 months. i relapsed. then 6 months. i relapsed again. until finally this year. i havent smoked in 7 months (going on to 8). i dont think ill touch cigarettes ever again.

i dont miss it as much. i live healthier. i breathe better. and what's probably the best reason i can find to stop is this industry targets the young. specifically so they get addicted earlier. the idea that an industry would purposely target a demographic so they would get addicted .. its just not right.

if i can do it. you can too .. but it really has to start from you.