Thursday, November 22, 2007

Opposite attracts...

On the new episode of the X-files, Scully and Mulder get half their faces swapped.

A number of studies of the recent years had shown that when it comes to love, the old rule "opposites attract" may not be so true. Close examination of faces of thousands of couples has shown many similarities and common facial traits among spouses or lovers. People tend to subconsciously choose a partner that looks similar to him / her one way or another. So "similarities attract" may be a better rule, at least in the recent years. Furthermore, when people start living together they develop similar face characteristics together by naturally copying each other's facial emotions and expressions.
Which celebrities of opposite gender share enough facial characteristics to make a natural couple?



dazedblu* said...

Oh have yew heard the X-Files 2 film?

chase said...

ano ba yan.. nakaktakot