Sunday, November 11, 2007

Desert Hunk: G. Pilipinas Riyadh 2005 to audition for PBB Season 3

Having been involved in performing arts while in Riyadh, G. Pilipinas Riyadh 2005 Junnifer Christ “Jei-C” Manuel, will join the screening of TFC’s Pinoy Big Brother Season 3 in Dubai on November 16, 2007.

During his interview with Roland Blanco, TFC correspondent, in Balitang Middle East, Jei-C admitted that he has filed his emergency leave from his employer a week before the most awaited selections of Filipino expatriates’ entry to the famous reality show worldwide.

After years of building up his confidence since his winning the G. Pilipinas Riyadh title and participated in several entertainment shows as a member of the famous all-male dance group, Beat Static, he believes that he is prepared to be watched by millions of Filipinos and willing to share his experience as an OFW in Middle East.

Moreover, he expressed his disappointment for not conducting the screening in Saudi Arabia. According to him, aside from having the most TFC subscribers in Gulf area, there are more interested expats who are qualified to join the Pinoy Big Brother and Pinoy Dream Academy. As a matter of fact, Kimverlie Molina of Dammam was declared as the first TFC Middle East Popstar winner in 2006. Mostly, these enthusiastic Saudi-based Pinoy expats are banned by their employers to travel in nearby Gulf countries while their contracts are still binding.

Ron Jacobe, organizer of the Ginoong Pilipinas Search in Saudi Arabia, in his interview with TFC correspondent, appealed to ABS-CBN to conduct the screening in Saudi Arabia and pledged his 100% cooperation to arrange for kingdom-wide screening.

“We are flooded here in Saudi Arabia with talented Filipino expats and we are wondering why TFC is not enthusiastic to give them the chance to be involved. Its about time that people will know how Filipinos continue to hone their talents stealthily in a country with a diverse culture”, Ron expressed his discontent.

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