Friday, November 16, 2007

Live and Let Love.....

Sometimes, the words of love never have to be spoken.

They have their own language that breaks barriers and goes beyond the limits of what we can imagine.

When we love someone so much, we become a part of that person.

And when he goes, that part of us goes with him, leaving a void of cold emptiness that fills out whole being.

Just like an empty shell, you will just be dragged by the waves and drift aimlessly in an endless sea of loneliness.

Life doesn't have to end on this tragedy.

For all the pain we experience come with a purpose.

The tears should wash away the sadness of the past and our long silent solitude should bring to life a new being.

We may lose someone we love.
But it doesn't mean we have lost love itself.
For as long as we have the capacity to give and sacrifice ourselves, there will always be hope for a fresh beginning.
Let us always remember that people who live today find love again but those who live in the shadows of the past find only the love that has already been lost forever.

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