Saturday, November 17, 2007

Now I know what really happened to Joseph....

The one evening interpretative show, played by Artist League for Culture and the Arts artists last night, had to be really something!

The musical "Joseph, The Dreamer" has to be ALCA’s most successful show at the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh! After five months of sheer perseverance and hard work, the group presented an almost flawless professional production. Who wouldn’t believe that a more sensitive play concerning Christian religion can be staged in an Islamic countries, particularly Saudi Arabia.

Archie Garcia, former member of Xtreme Impact (Voyzvoyz) Dance Group in Riyadh was awesomely good in portraying the role of Joseph.

What surprised me most were newbies JR Cabigting as the Dough boy and the young lady portraying Mae East. I can’t imagine at their age, they were able to show their best magnificently.

The epoch story of Joseph, what he went through and what he became, has been an inspiration to mankind for thousands of years. For today his life remains an awesome contemporary challenge for any young, energy-driven Christian who wants to be all that he or she can be through Jesus Christ and the Christian way of life.

The life of Joseph is an example of success, courage, trust and the disciplined desire to honor God's principles of honesty, patience and loyalty. These are ideals to which all of us aspire. Joseph lived them all!

His story is tragic yet enthralling, charged with emotion and power. This a story of painful forgiveness and controlled triumph. Triumph over adversity by a positive, unwavering spirit.

To ALCA and the production staff, Congratulations and hope to see quality productions more.

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