Thursday, November 8, 2007

"Im proud of my Gay son!"

On Oct.29, the Guangzhou Daily carried an article which said that a mother whose child was a homosexual had disclosed her identification and publicly supported her son in front of the media. After the article was published, hundreds of websites have reprinted it. A heated online debate has been going on as to whether the mother has done something right. Some people support her action and some criticize it. The brave mother's blog website has been frequently clicked by people and the clicking volume has increased from the previous 120,000 times to the present 300.000 times in just a few days.

People call those who disclose their homosexual identities as "coming out of the closet." Eight years ago, Zheng Yuantao, a homosexual in Guangzhou, disclosed his homosexual identity to his mother. He thus became the first person in Guangzhou to do so. When learning about this, Zheng's mother, Wu Youjian, didn't blame her son. She accepted the fact calmly. With careful thought, she finally decided to give her support to her son publicly. Wu thus became the first mother in China to openly support her homosexual child.

Wu is already 50 years old now. Six months ago she started to learn computer and established her own blog on the Internet. In just half a year, her blog had been clicked more than 100,000 times. Many homosexuals praised Wu for her courage and lenience. Some homosexual people even call her “mother”

After the Guangzhou Daily published the article, a website launched a survey to see how people viewed the issue. By yesterday, about 3,977 people had responded to the survey. The result shows that 61.1% of the people show their understanding of this social phenomenon. 26.1% of the people say they neither support nor oppose homosexuality. 6.94% say they feel disgusted with it.

When asked what they think about the mother's behavior, 80.19% of the people say the mother's behavior deserves respect. However, there are 4.17% of the people who say they can't understand the mother.

If their own children happen to be a homosexual, what will they do? To this question 71.01% of the respondents say they will accept the fact and will try to understand their children, 16.07% of the people wish that such thing will never happen to them, and there are 9.93% of the people who say they will never forgive their children and they will do their best to help their children to live a ”normal” life.


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