Thursday, November 15, 2007

Endemol comes to Middle East, will Big Brother return to the Arab TV?

Endemol International has unveiled plans to set up a new company in the Middle East, to be headed up by managing director Ziad Kebbi and creative director Dany Karam.

Scheduled to officially open for business this month, Endemol Middle East will be based in Dubai with a branch office in Beirut.

Endemol Middle East will produce all Endemol formats in the region and has already secured its first commissions from broadcaster LBC.

There are several Endemol shows playing across the Middle East, including top formats such as Star Academy and Deal or No Deal.

In 2004, Arab Big Brother (locally known as al-Rais or “The Boss”) was played based in Bahrain, but in less than a month of public airing, the show was suspended. The decision had been made "so as not to expose the network to any accusations that it is offending the virtues and traditions of the Arab world".

A 1,000 people protested against the show because Islam has strong values which say boys and girls should not mix together.

The Arab version of Big Brother, put 12 housemates - six men and six women - from around the Arab world in a purpose-built house on Amwaj Island in Bahrain.
For the first time since the show's inception, men and women were barred from each other's sleeping quarters.

There was also a prayer room, a separate women's lounge and a mixed-sex communal area.

But these modifications to reflect Arabic customs did not go far enough for some protesters.

In their culture, it is normal for males and females to mix, but not to put them together in the same house for a long time.


i received an invitation from The Artist League for Culture and the Arts (ALCA) to watch their show at the Liwasang Bonifacio Phil. Embassy Riyadh tomorrow. The title?? "Joseph the Dreamer... (with sub-title- What really happened to Joseph?" (lol!)

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