Wednesday, September 5, 2007


1. You mistakenly read no. 6 as 7 and 5 as 0.
2. Stores have to close five times a day.
3. Gasoline is much cheaper than water/softdrinks.
4. Cigarettes are sold by pack, not by stick.
5. You can see men holding hands and beso-beso in public.
6. In Riyadh, you can tour Quiapo, Robinsons, SM, Gotesco at the same time in less than five minutes
7. You can transact business in the bank till midnight.
8. You hate riding a public transport bus.
9. You become resilient to the most terrible bad breath and body odor of your non-Filipino office mates.
10. You start writing from right to left.
11. You said A/C instead of Aircon and Washroom instead of Toilet
12. You can’t go out shirtless in public or wear shirt with a person’s face printed on it.
13. You know how to properly unwrapped shawarma
14. You don’t have to buy alarm clock when you live near a Mosque.
15. You don’t wear necklace, bracelet and earrings in public.

1 comment:

chase said...

is it still bright at midnight?
baka nakawan sila nyan.
dami pa ba tao?
weird man