Monday, September 17, 2007

Can't You See

Why is it always,
My fault not yours.

Why can’t you admit,
It was your mistake,
Not ours.

Why can’t you see,
The pain you cause me,
When you lie,
When you cheat,
You mean nothing to me.

The problem is you,
Can’t you see?

You cause me trouble,
Something I don’t want.

You have caused me grief,
Not to mention you lie.

You make me bleed,
Deep inside,
You can’t see it,
Because I try to hide it,
It works well doesn’t it?

The problem is you,
Can’t you see?

Your words,
Are killing me.

Your words are harsh,
And not to mention,
Incredibly heartless.

You say things,
You say,
You don’t really mean,
I know it’s a lie,
That’s just how it seems.

Your words,
Are killing me,
This is true.

The problem is you
Can’t you see?