Monday, September 24, 2007

Saudi National Day

King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz; Crown Prince Sultan (next king of Saudi Arabia)

For the second time, since King Abdullah assumed his throne as King, Saudi Arabia celebrates the National Day publicly across the land in the form of a nationwide holiday.
Basically, the “Sept. 23 National Day” is the only public holiday that Saudi government declares, aside from the 10 days Eid and Ramadan holidays.
Both King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan are determined that Saudi Arabia be a modern state with clear laws that give citizens their rights. Accountability and transparency are high on their list of priorities. They are keen to push for reforms that will have a far-reaching effect and help propel the country well into the 21st century.
The present social snag and strict regulations, which limits the freedom of its people and the migrant workers, as well, is a big underlying factor why Saudi spun out its progress compared to other Arab countries. Hopefully, when Crown Prince Sultan, who is more open-minded and believed to be more empathetic to Filipino expatriates, will assume the leadership soon, Saudi Arabia will be a more convenient place to work.
While other nations around the world floundered, Saudi Arabia keeps going on. But the concerned about the growing menace of terrorism — an alien philosophy that has crept into the minds of many of Arab youngsters, remains volatile. There is a clear and imminent danger because the threat from the “revolutionary faction” is still alarming and some terrorists are believed to be visible in the Kingdom. Hence, don’t be surprise to see more checkpoints and men in uniform patrolling in many areas, especially in Riyadh. For Filipino expatriates, spending free time inside the house is safer than to travel and roam around the city.
For the meantime, taking all these in consideration and the safety of being “strangers” in this country, OFWs are constrained with no choice but to abide by their rules and respect their belief and cultures until such time that significant reforms shall be made.

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chase said...

good for KSA.. i can't say that the RP is going in that same direction though.