Thursday, September 27, 2007


Sitting and getting sensory overload,
pants getting overloaded as our asses get wider.
Excersize? What the hell is that?

I sit for hours and stare at a screen,
the prettiest screen you have ever seen.
State of the art, 25" wide and flat,
the latest technology, how about that?

I can go anywhere with a few strokes of my fingers,
read about anything, the afterimage lingers.
Crawl right into your home if you will let me,
via instant messenger, headset and webcam, it's free.

Whats even better is I can worm my way into your heart,
all it takes is time and a few words for a start.
The crossover from web to reality can be bliss,
if there is truth on both ends and nothings amiss.

1 comment:

chase said...

what can i say.. technology makes people lazy.. hehehe