Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saudi eases visa restrictions

Saudi Arabia has approved new regulations designed to make it easier for foreigners to do business in the kingdom in an attempt to attract greater investment from abroad.

The Saudi Council of Ministers on Monday agreed to allow foreign businessmen to acquire a multiple-entry visa into the Kingdom for a full year without an invitation or recommendation letter sent to Saudi embassies abroad.

All businessmen coming to Saudi Arabia currently have to obtain an invitation letter from a Saudi company endorsed by the seal of the Saudi Chamber of Commerce.
Sometimes a recommendation letter from the chamber of commerce is needed to issue the visa.

The government’s move to ease visa restrictions comes at a time when Saudi Arabia’s economy is expanding rapidly.

However, the changes to business visas do not affect working visas, which remain difficult to obtain.

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chase said...

well well well, this is good news.
but i won't be going there anytime soon.
i'm pretty scared of the gulf. hehehe