Saturday, September 22, 2007

New KSA License Plates

The old KSA Car Plate looks like this...

Here's how the new car plate looks like..

The new KSA license car plates have just been introduced so the majority of cars on Saudi roads still have the old ones.
It says "Al-Saudia" on top followed by 3 numbers and 3 letters.

The major difference is that there are now 4 numbers instead of 3.
The traffic department has also added a digit to the set of numbers on the plates to give allowance to the registration of up to 40 million more vehicles.

Also, the authorities have just made life easier for Saudi Arabia's western expats by having the license plates in English. So the next time Al-Qaeda tries to blow up your family, you don't have to pull out your pocket translator to get the plate number of the getaway car.
And yes these are just random license plates of cars I came across, so feel free to do whatever you want with them.

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chase said...

that's good to know..
but i like the old one better..
it looks much nicer. hehe