Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hey Dad..Did I Say Thank You?

Today is my Dad's death anniversary...

My dad passed away 3 years ago… Stunned, I flew home from Riyadh to be with my family. (The flight from Riyadh to Manila was the longest 9 hours I have ever experienced in my life.)

While on board, I repeatedly asked myself if I had thanked everything to my Dad for giving me a wonderful life. Did I miss something? I couldn’t control my tears as I remembered the many kindness and favors he had given to us…Without his love, I may not be what I am today.

Yes, still, I had much to be thankful to him which I had remembered lately.
Did I ever say thanks for all the toys my father had mended? The games we played and the way he always tried to cheer me when I was down?

Did I ever say thanks for the sacrifices he made so I could be involved in so many enriching activities in school?

Did I ever thank him for working so hard to provide for our family?

Did I ever thank him for having such faith in me and always being there when I needed him?

Did I ever say thanks for waking me up every Sunday so we can go to the church together with mom, and my other siblings?

Most of all, Did I ever say thanks for caring?

Dad….I just wanted to thank you so much for the great childhood you and mom gave me. I often want to be a child again so that I can feel the love, warmth, joy and security you always gave me.

Although money was very hard to come by while we were growing up, I never felt deprived of anything. Your love has given me more wealth than money could ever buy.
I will never forget the time you held me in your arms when I was scorched because I accidentally spilled out a bottle of ethyl alcohol to my body while you’re lighting the Coleman Kerosene Lantern.. I was 3 years old then..

I will never forget your tears of joy when I asked you and my mom to pin my academic medals every year in our school.

I will never forget you adjusting my tie and let me borrow your perfume during my first JS Prom.

I will never forget waving goodbye to you when I left the province to find my luck in Manila. Not knowing if I would succeed. In my mind I still see the slow motion image of you with your arm around mom waving goodbye to me as I boarded the bus.

Thank you dad for giving me the best childhood a person could ever hope for.

If you want your Dad to know how you feel. Don’t wait. Tell them today because tomorrow might be too late

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chase said...

i know your dad is happy. and he still continues to watch over you.