Monday, October 29, 2007

Saudi sets new maid hire rules

Saudi Arabia has announced new conditions for the recruitment of domestic workers including housemaids and drivers.

The Ministry of Labour said it had also agreed to issue replacement visas before current employees leave the country on exit-only visas.

All applicants should have sufficient finances and be able to prove their need for servants, the ministry said. Applicants should have a second wife or extra children, or require help taking care of parents in order to apply for a second housemaid visa. A second driver visa now depends on the family head having a second wife, school-going children and unmarried working daughters.

Rest houses wishing to obtain visas must be registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, occupy at least 1,000 square metres and be owned by the applicant. Residents qualifying as elderly, disabled or suffering from disease must provide medical reports with applications, the article added.

Applicants for a first visa should have a monthly salary of SR 3,500, SR 8,000 for a second visa, SR 12,000 for a third and SR 20,000 for a fourth, the ministry said. Applicants not working in the public or private sectors must produce bank balances, and those applying for more than four visas should get permission from the recruitment committee at the ministry of labour.

The probation period for house servants has been increased from three to six months.

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chase said...

well, this would help curb the abuses of domestic helpers and other household servants.
i think this is a good idea