Saturday, October 6, 2007

An all-night-long B-day Party and cut-off Badminton Tourney

Oct. 4 (Thursday)

My friends who arrived early at the party.

We held a birthday bash for our friend, Noel, at Jei-C’s place last Thursday, though we expect all our friends to come thinking t’was a right time for a get-together again after the last party we had two weeks ago.

However, I had no idea that for the past days, some of my friends squabbled because of indifferences, which I only knew from a friend that night. So they decided not to come anymore.

Anyway, we didn’t sleep till dawn .. spending time with the guys… their “bounteousness” and warmness throughout the night was much satisfying.. I just love it!!!!

Oct 5 (Friday)

Players were uncomfortable as they waited for hours in the designated area for each team.

T’was the opening of the Badminton tournament.. From the party, I immediately went home to take a quick shower, packed my gear and proceed to the tournament venue.

The Opening Ceremony started at 9:00am.

We were able to field-in 2 teams, Team A with our best players and Team B comprises our middling players..all in Class 1 to 6 (Class 1 win earns 6 points, Class 2 = 5 points, etc.) .

Our players had high morale and surprisingly, our Team B eventually won 3 out of 5 games ( Class 3, 4, & 6) with 12 points .

The game for Class 1 was on the winning streak but suddenly an ill-fated incident happened to one of the players from other club.

The said player experienced a mild stroke and fell to the ground maybe because of too much uncomfortability inside the court. Humidity is high and you can’t resist the gruesome heat inside.

Medics rushed to the court and tried to save him.

The games were stopped and he was rushed to the hospital. He was declared dead on arrival.

The organizer immediately told everyone to pack up and leave the place.. (scared that police authorities may arrive anytime to interrogate them coz everyone in the scene will be subject to investigation) and I dunno if the tournament will still continue despite of the incident.

It was the first time I saw a badmintonista drop on the floor.

From the incident, I learn lessons.

You don't play badminton to be fit. You should be fit to play badminton.
Don’t overplay.
Don’t force yourself to extreme. When you feel you’re not fit to play, don’t
hesitate to back out from the game or stop from playing.


empress maruja said...

Grabe, Mare, ang bibiway ng mga friends mo!

chase said...

2 days of non-stop fun..
wow, wished i was there.

dazedblu* said...

whew, that guy from the rightmost wuz really HOT!

Richard Lionheart said...

Nice :)

Stop ako ng study dito sa Pinas as 3rd year College...

Pwede kaya ako diyan??

Mukhang masaya diyan e!