Saturday, October 27, 2007

“Domestic Helpers” to “Caregivers”??

Congressman Bienvenido Abante, during his two-week tour in the Middle East, plans to file a motion in parliament urging the Department of Labor to change the title of domestic helpers to ‘care givers’, believing the move will lead to better treatment by employers.

Earlier this years the Philippines ruled that Filipino housemaids who work abroad must now be paid at least $400 a month and raised the minimum age of housemaids working abroad to 25, prompting recruitment agencies to call for the GCC to ban Filipino worker from the Gulf.

Gulf businesses may face tougher legislation from the Philippines on the recruitment of Filipinos as the Southwest Asian country tries to stamp out discrimination and mistreatment of its citizens.

He also revealed the countrys’ plans to address the abuse of citizens working in the Gulf, as well as the low salaries many are paid, with stricter laws,

Many of the two million Filipinos working in the Middle East work outside their government’s minimum wage rules.

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chase said...

nakakatakot talaga mag work sa gulf ano.