Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Vacation Ampy!

Joe (wearing white printed polo) (Ampy) left yesterday for a month vacation; Gabby's wet and wild look during our party at DGC

It is a must for one to come home and loosen for a while after finishing contract work and prolonged homesickness.

Vacation takes another meaning for all balikbayans and OFWs.

Our friend, Joe (famous to some as Ampy because of his loud uncontrollable voice similar to an amplifier, or Amby for being so ambisyosa daw sa love) left yesterday for a month-long vacation (or less!) in the Philippines. But prior to his departure, he treated us to a dinner last Thursday at Gabby Dy’s house near Al Akariah. (Gabby is a new addition to our “club”).

Gabby’s single room is at the Penthouse of a three storey residential building, which he rented for SR9,000.00 (PhP99,000) a year. Although it was quite small, but enough for a single person, he managed to create a groovy ambiance with his artistic interior concept thus making his pad a splendid place to stay.

I was so impressed by his stylishness, minimalistic and creative mind. He was able to contain a Home Theater, 4 big aquarium (1 in his sala, 2 in the Kitchen and 1 in his room), a Gym Lat Machine, two big refrigerators and furniture set in his small pad. But still, his place is great!

What caught my attention is the 42” Sony Bravia TV in his 3 x 4 living room.. “Parang galit ka ata sa TV, with your small room and being alone, mukhang napuno lahat ng malalaking appliances”, I told him jokingly.

Gabby is the only Filipino sales supervisor in an authentic Louis Vuitton department store in one of the biggest mall in Riyadh. His clients are mostly the Royal and filthy rich families who can afford to shop everyday.

We arrived early in his place from our badminton session.

Our friends started to arrive after 12:00 midnight and Gabby’s 6 x 7m pad was able to accommodate more than 20 persons.

Joe brought sumptuous trays of pansit, kaldereta and sweet & sour fish enough for us.

We left the place at around 2:00am. The rest of our friends stayed till morning.

If not because of the tournament, I would stay longer and enjoy the weekend with them.

To Joe, enjoy your long-awaited vacation and hope to see you back in Riyadh before Christmas, which I believe you will, because you have a reason why you have to spend your vacation shortly…..

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