Monday, June 30, 2008

UAE temperature hits 51.4 degrees

Temperatures in the UAE surged as high as 51.4 degrees Celsius on Sunday, the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology said.

The sweltering 51.4 degrees was recorded at Minhad Airport, an inland military base, UAE daily Khaleej Times reported on Monday.

A spokesperson for the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology told the newspaper Abu Dhabi reached 48.3 degrees on Sunday - its hottest this year, while in Jebel Ali, temperatures hit 49 degrees.
Dubai International Airport meteorology equipment recorded 46.7 degrees and Sharjah 48.5 degrees, the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said Dubai's highest temperature ever, recorded on August 9, and August 15 in 1999, was 47.5 degrees.

Meanwhile, the centre is forecasting temperatures of about 45 degrees on Monday and Tuesday in Dubai, with Abu Dhabi likely to hit 47 degrees and Al Ain predicted to reach 48 degrees.

This is an unedited email received from Sajid Thechikkodan
Sent: Sun 29-Jun-08 13:37Subject:

Criminals in Batha

Dear All,

I'm Sajid T. K. residing in Batha Dist. Riyadh, working in Best Rent A Car Company would like to explain an incident happened to me last Friday at 03:00PM by expecting this may help the readers to be vigilant about new fraud team/tactics.

In Batha, I was just parking my car beside my residence building - suddenly one car with security lights and microphone appeared behind me and announced in Arabic, like the Traffic Police, that I'm doing something wrong - there were two guys in the car and one came out and neared to my car and asked me why you reverse the car? He asked me to show Istimarah, ID, etc. I asked him who are you - he said I'm police - I asked him where is the uniform - he said we are coming after duty. I was just took my wallet to show him the Istimarah, suddenly he snatched my wallet and started checking one by one. He saw money (SR.1,500) in my wallet and asked me from where you have this much money? at that moment I felt that they may be fake police so I snatched back my wallet and asked him to show me his ID - by the time my car's original Istimarah, my Iqama, family's Iqmah and my driving license were with him. He said come to our car we will show you our ID. While nearing to their car they asked me to enter into their car and told me that they want take me to their Mudheer – I refused to enter to their car but he tried by catching my neck and forced to put me inside the car and one time they succeeded but I came out. Then one guy started beating me and other guy started to kicking me so I felt things becoming verse and I decided to defend and beaten them back as much as possible. Between the beating I was freed from their hands and I ran into my residence building. I was just climbing fast the stairs my wife called to my mobile and I asked her to open the door immediately and I entered inside our flat.

After few minutes somebody was knocking in our door but we didn't open. After sometime again someone started knocking and said we are your neighborhood shopkeeper we have got some of your documents from the street. So I open the door and they gave my ID and License and My Daughter's ID - but I lost my wife's ID and my car's original Istimarah and Ownership Card. In fact the shopkeeper had called the Police while our fighting but they didn't appear.

Anyhow I went to Batha Police station in the evening and informed the guys car's details and reported them the incidents. I understand from the Police Officers' conversation that there were similar cases same day have been reported already. After longtime waiting they have provided me all necessary paper which may help me to reproduce my lost documents.

I hope this may help us to be aware about some new type of tactics by the criminal.

May GOD bless us all.

Sajid Thecikkodan

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