Friday, June 20, 2008

Tarek is now Tony Phillipp

Latest photo of Tarek (a.k.a. Tony Phillipp); Tarek's appearance during a fashion show in Riyadh dubbed as "Ystilo"

In my recent visit to Tarek's friendster account, i was surprised to see the new photos for the promotion of GMA's Daisy Syete Season 18 (Prince Charming and the Maids)..

Way back in Riyadh, Tarek appeared in several fashion shows but we didn't thought that someday he will take our advise seriously to enter showbiz. Seeing great potentials from him - the height, the looks and everything, we encouraged him to try his luck in showbiz coz we're sure that he can easily find a notch in showbiz.

Finally, he grabbed the opportunity in showbiz.

In the Philippines, watch Daisy Syete every Monday to Friday after Eat Bulaga. In Riyadh, it will take 6- 8 months before this Episode 18 will be finally be shown in GMA Pinoy TV.

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