Monday, June 9, 2008

Its my 1st anniversary!

The pendulum has not stopped from swinging and time flies so fast that I didn’t noticed my blog has turned one year already.

At first, I intend to concentrate writing unconventional stories of my personal (love)life… but concealing the identity of the people whom I care about and considered "great spice" of my life. I still have to respect their privacy.

There’s something wonderful about sharing. It makes the world go round…

I was determined to share rather than decorate…

I desire to be known as a person with so much to reveal so others may learn and entertain.

I want others to know, just like what I did, that sometimes our heart is as rude as our brain and I want someone to follow their hearts by all means… but intelligently…

I was nominated by Khalean for the G-Spot Blog and Uncomposed Gentlemen last year which prompted me to continue blogging. I was able to get my DSL account in November so my enthusiasm to blog has intensified.

However, the risk is inevitable in the place where I am right now.. Bloggers are bound to go behind their norms and regulations or else they may end up in bars with a bonus of a hundred lashes.

Months ago, a blogger was arrested and detained for criticizing the government in his blog, which was denounced by the Human Rights group “Freedom without Border”. This incident prompted all bloggers, including me, to be aware of everything that might affect the norms and traditions of an ultra-conservative society.

Hence, I decided that instead of a more sexually enticing and provocative blogs, I shall accommodate informative reports, occasions and announcements pertaining to the life of OFWs in the Middle East.

To my readers, please bear with me if my blog may not be as extremely eccentric as before… just wish me more blog-year to come!


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! You are quite brave to be blogging from that part of the world. Take care and thanks.


Kenji said...

Happy Anniversary! It's great to know some people here in Saudi is engage in blogging like us too. Happy Father's Day to all father's too!