Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Travel Tips For Overseas Filipino Workers

Lack of safety and security for traveling persons is not only happening in the Philippines but in other countries as well. So, tips below should keep in mind wherever you are.

1. Don't buy or packed so many things in your baggage which are less important. It will just cause traveling discomfort if you have so much baggage to check in or to be hand carried along. This could also add your expenses, because you need to pay some charges for the Excess Baggage.

2. If you can get it locally, there’s no need to buy those things and bring back as well. Philippines have so many high quality products for export, such as shoes, bags, garments, canned foods and many others.

3. If you bring back numbers of packages, it will just attract the street robbers’ attention because they are going to think that you have much money as well. They can follow you while you travel and it’s possible that they could stop you by the road to steal your things and as well as your life.

4. You shouldn’t accept baggage from people that you really don’t know even they’re your friends or neighbors. You should know the content of the package before including it in your baggage because it is possible that the content is prohibited such as illegal drugs.

5. Don’t bring large cash on hand. It’s always safe to send your money at the bank or remittance centers days before the departure. You should have a bank account at home, where you can send your income regularly and just withdraw if needed while on vacation in the Philippines. And also, take an extra care when changing foreign notes in Money Changer shops.

6. Don't include important papers and valuable properties in your baggage. Always have it in your hand carried luggage. There are many cases that your baggage will be left behind, so if you have important documents in that baggage, it is also possible that you can’t retrieve it anymore.

7. Remove traces from your belongings that say you came from overseas. Luggage stickers and other signs should be removed from your boxes, bags etc.

8. Don't wear outfits that you look like a "rich person", don't wear expensive looking shirts, shoes, bags etc. and some jewelry. It's always better to be a simple person.

The following Tips above are so simple that every Filipino traveler should know,

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Anonymous said...

kudos to a great job! you link the once secluded arab land to the entire globe though minutely and at limited conditions due to religious intolerance and socially unfriendly environment.

chase / chubz said...

#4 reminds me of the movie broken down palace. yun ba yun? a movie starred by clair daines. and it was on that movie she was tagged as persona non grata.