Monday, March 10, 2008

Friday's opens in Riyadh

Richard Apostol (center), the Regional Manager of Friday's, with the new waiters during the soft-opening of Friday's in Riyadh

A common expression of relief at the end of the work week and anticipation of relaxing or partying over the weekend is the phrase “Thanks God It’s Friday!”.

The chain is known for its appearance, with red-striped canopies, brass railings, Tiffany lamps, and frequent use of antiques as decor.

Yesterday was the grand opening of Fridays in Riyadh along Takasussi Street beside Euromarche Supermarket. We were so privileged to be invited during their soft-opening last March 5.

Just like any other Friday’s resto, the exterior features a red-and-white striped awning, and blue paint, and the interior includes wooden floors and striped tablecloth. The employees wore wacky red-white stripe uniforms almost full of commemorative and fashion pins.

However in other Friday’s outlets, every time someone had a birthday, the entire restaurant crew came around with a cake and sang Friday's traditional birthday song. But in Riyadh, they are not allowed to do such…

Usually, Friday's has a large menu with an emphasis on alcoholic beverages but here in Saudi, it is much different. Dining cubicles for family are curtained, no pipe-in music and no bartending. They serve fruit juices, shakes and non-alcoholic beverages.

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