Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Saudi approves first women's rights group

The majority of women today in Saudi Arabia are under the dominance of men. They can't be active members of society because of restrictions over their ability to leave home and arrange transport, and their being unable to get the simplest things unless they go through men. Soon, a first civil society called Ansar Al-Marah, dedicated to the rights of the kingdom’s women will be established after two years of negotiations.
The society aims to create institutional and individual change to improve the lives of women in the Saudi.
It will increase awareness of women’s right by facilitating ongoing debates on fundamental and provocative women issues, and help women improve their social, educational and cultural levels.

The current women's assemblies in the kingdom tended to function under the framework of humanitarian relief, but Ansar Al-Marah would act as an intermediate body between women and officials.

The establishment of Ansar Al-Marah comes at a time when women's rights in Saudi Arabia are gaining increasing media attention both at home and abroad.

Under Saudi Arabia's strict interpretation of Islamic law, a woman is not allowed to be in the company of a man who is not a member of her family.

However, Saudi King Abdullah is in the process of implementing reforms that extend what a woman can do and where she can go without a male guardian.

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