Monday, January 28, 2008


Well..well..well.. It seems an invasion in the Gulf by the “Sakangs”, “Singkits” and “Pangos” (possibly around 30 Million) in the next ten years is imminent.

A Bahraini minister has warned of an "Asian tsunami" because of the reliance of "lazy" Gulf Arabs on foreign labour to carry out even the simplest tasks.

At present, there are almost 17 million foreign workers in the Gulf, mostly from the Asian sub-continent, represented "a danger worse than the atomic bomb or an Israeli attack".

Bahrain Labour Minister Majid Al-Alawi Al-Alawi has called for the residency of foreign workers in the oil-rich Gulf states to be limited to six years but the leadership of the six-nation GCC has not followed up on the proposal.

Al-Alawi said that Gulf nationals were "lazy" and "spoilt", relying on imported labour for the simplest of tasks.

A lord with billions in Great Britain cleans his own car on a Sunday morning, whereas people of the Gulf look for someone to hand them a glass of water from just a couple of metres away.

30 years from now, how do you imagine seeing a “Sakang na Arabo”, “Singkit na Kalbo” or “Arabong pango ang ilong” because of inter-racial marriages?

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