Saturday, December 8, 2007

Generation XXL

I asked a Saudi friend about his obesity and he was very defensive about the condition - almost in a state of denial. (The more he became intimidated when I asked him if he can still see his dick while he stands straight.)
It is a fact the obesity in Gulf countries is an epidemic too late now to cure. A recent study of the children in Al-Khobar, the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. shows that a whopping 22% are clinically obese. Obesity is now an epidemic disease in Saudi Arabia.

Gluttonous among lazy youth has shaped its own downfall. The obesity problem is so endemic that it won't be fixed by jogging and sugar-free juice alone: It is not simply a matter of changing the lifestyle, the problems will mostly be treated surgically."
The Gulf is now facing an obesity crisis. Part of the problem is that children in the GCC are given too much opportunity to self-regulate their diet.

Children here are given disposable income to freely spend on food outside of the home. They are not given any guidance on what to choose, what selections are okay, and, importantly, what constitutes a meal versus a snack.


Josh of Arabia said...

hahaha.funny, yet an alarming state for locals..i thot' uae has the most obese! ganon yata tlga pag rich saka maraming kasambahay sa shows..

the govt has to do something..
ps: dalaw k ulit sa site ko..:)

chase said...

i thought its an american thing to be obese..
who would have thought it also is a problem in the gulf..