Monday, December 17, 2007

G & Bb. Pilipinas - Saudi: spectacular as ever!

Flushed with the success of the recently concluded Ginoo-Binibini project, I couldn't help finding the organizers, SE Productions, at times still floating and levitating like an apparition, struggling hard to plant their feet firmly on the ground.

Just a few nights ago the culmination of the quest for 2007 Ginoo and Binibining Pilipinas-Saudi Arabia has been rated the season's blockbuster. Wow and whew!

19 good-looking candidates sailed and sashayed on the ramp like a dream last December 13, each one aspiring to be proclaimed the "It" girl and the "It" boy not only for a single night but for the rest of the year and beyond.

With oodles of prizes at stake, no one could have begrudged our young Filipinos and Filipinas had they dreamed and schemed to win the coveted titles.

For an agonizing moment, we thought there could be empty chairs at Liwasang Bonifacio considering the freezing ambiance (almost 5 C) in the open ground.

To our pleasant surprise, however, fellow OFW's and non-Filipino guests came in droves, and so did many students from various schools who cheered for their favorite contestants.

And now let the credits roll.

Ron Jacobe whose emceeing expertise is beyond reproach, and who, for the nth time, had been SEP's "savior" when the show tended to slack off as what a colleague had keenly observed. Ron just wrapped up a brilliant performance. The G.-Bb. 2007 spectacle deserves an applause, don't you think so?

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