Saturday, May 31, 2008

BJ Fabricante wins Mukha ng Pinoy!

We’re supposed to administer the month-long summer festival of a mall in Batha last night (actually, it was our 2nd week already) but we sneaked out early since two of our friends and protégées (JC Manuel and BJ Fabricante) will compete to the “Search for Mukha ng Pinoy 2009 para sa Kalendaryong Pilipino” in Al Fawaq Science International School.

JC was G. Pilipinas Riyadh 2005 and featured as one of the desert hunks. Actually, we always support him in all his shows and competitions. In return, whenever we need his expertise to fix our laptops/PCs and do some graphic designs, he is always there to help us.

Johnny “BJ” Fabricante was G. Maharlika Jeddah 2004. He was working before in a newly-opened Jeddah Hilton Hotel, which is owned/managed by our company. Actually, that time, my boss was trying to convince me to work in Jeddah Hilton. He offered me a hefty salary package, but I declined because I just feel not comfortable working in Western province.

We watched the show from the start while enduring patiently the terrible heat inside. It was already late afternoon, but the tremendous temperature was too extreme.

Seeing the candidates one by one during the first appearance in their regional costume, BJ and JC stood noticingly among the rest of the male contestants. I know one of them will be the winner. BJ’s handsomeness and lofty height (6’2”) and JC’s mestizo-looks were their matchless possessions.

During the final Q&A, JC was asked about the issue of divorce in the Philippines and he immediately said that he favors divorce in order for the couples to veer away from domestic problems and start new life, while BJ’s, without any qualm expressed his objection on the same-sex marriages because of religion. However, he asked for indulgence from the audience since some of the crowds may feel upset of what he believes. On the contrary, his answer was well delivered and made him the first Mukha ng Pinoy titleholder. JC’s got the 2nd runner-up title.

Well, the show might not be as grandiose and well-orchestrated compared to the G. PIlipinas Saudi Arabia search, but I appreciate the effort of Sining Pinoy. There were productions lapses, technical glitches and uncontinuity of the program, but I guess the Sining Pinoy should take their first show as a challenge to improve more.

More pictures of BJ once I officially proclaim him as a desert hunk soon…


Anonymous said...

"expressed his objection on the same-sex marriages because of religion" is a very stupid answer. slavery was once approved by the church. following church doctrine without any thought is not only moronic but also dangerous. thought process should also include what is humane, fair and right.

Anonymous said...

perhaps he was referring to catholic's church opposition to same sex marriage and since he said that he belong to a conservative and religious family he didnt agree to that

Anonymous said...

Each of us has his own opinion to be respected.. and BJ asked for respect and understanding before he gave his answer coz most of those who attended the event might have an opposing views.
the spontaneity of his answer that night made him the unanimous winner.

i was there!

Congrats BJ!